Legends of Tomorrow: John Noble is Playing a Second Character

John Noble will officially be appearing on Legends Of Tomorrow, but as a character other than Mallus. The time-travelling Arrowverse series returned to the small screen last week, taking over Supergirl's usual Monday-night slot for just over two months in order to wrap up its third season. The decision to split this single slot rather than air all four of the Arrowverse shows at once is a conscious one by The CW, which has decided to limit how many superhero series it has running at any given time. This means the Legends will be battling it out with Mallus for the next couple of months, before Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) returns to take on Reign (Odette Annable) for her final few weeks.

Mallus himself was teased throughout the first half of Legends of Tomorrow season 3, as a 'demon of the highest order', who is coming after Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) and presumably has a much larger evil plan for the universe itself. Last week, the Legends teamed up with John Constantine (Matt Ryan) to try and stop Mallus, but the demon got away... and now it has been confirmed that the voice of Mallus will be appearing on Legends at some point this season.

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The voice of Mallus on Legends of Tomorrow is John Noble, and EW has now confirmed that Noble will appear on the show in person - but not as Mallus himself. EP Marc Guggenheim says:

We figured out a very Legends-like way to actually get John Noble the actor into the show. We’re very excited that John Noble will be making a live action appearance on Legends. He’s been voicing our third season’s big bad, Mallus, but he won’t be appearing as the time demon. He’ll actually be appearing as himself. It makes total sense in a Legends-y kind of way.

Nora Darhk possessed by Mallus in Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow is certainly known for including real-life names in its episodes. Previous seasons have seen the inclusion of people such as J R R Tolkien (Jack Turner) and George Lucas (Matt Angel), as the Legends travel to the time periods where these famous figures made a difference to history. The appearances range from vital to the plot of the series to fun nods and cameos, and it's likely that Noble's appearance as himself will be a little nod to the viewers and fans of the actor.

There is no news from Guggenheim as to when, exactly, Noble will be making his debut on the show in person (rather than as the voice of a CGI demon), but with only eight episodes left in the season, it's likely to be fairly soon, with the final few episodes reserved for the big battles. However, fans of Noble and Legends will just have to keep an eye out for Noble in the meantime.

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Legends Of Tomorrow continues tonight with 'Here I Go Again' on The CW.

Source: EW

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