Legends of Tomorrow: Jesse Quick to Appear in Upcoming Episode

An upcoming episode of Legends of Tomorrow will feature Jesse Quick, Wally West's ex-girlfriend and a character who debuted on The Flash.

Wally West won't be the only speedster aboard the Waverider in this season of Legends of Tomorrow. Violett Beane's Jesse Quick will guest star in an upcoming episode. Details of her role on the show have yet to be revealed.

Jesse Wells, the daughter of Earth-2's Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), debuted in season 2 of The Flash and spent much of the season as a captive of Zoom. After being rescued, Jesse came to live on Earth-1 with Team Flash and developed super speed. She also started a romantic relationship with Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale). Jesse was a recurring character for seasons 2 and 3, assisting Team Flash in several battles. She eventually decided to return to Earth-2. After forming her own crime-fighting team, Jesse decided her long-distance relationship with Wally wasn't working out and ended it with a "break-up cube".

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Entertainment Weekly reports that Violett Beane will guest star as Jesse Quick in the 15th episode of Legends of Tomorrow titled "Necromancing the Stone," set to air on March 19. This will mark Jesse Quick's first appearance in an Arrowverse show outside of The Flash. The episode will also feature the return of Matt Ryan's Constantine, who appeared in the Legends midseason premiere. The presence of Constantine, as well as the title, suggests the episode could involve a supernatural enemy.

Violett Beane as Jesse Quick on the Flash

Though the exact reasons for Jesse Quick's appearance on Legends of Tomorrow are being kept under wraps, we can guess that it has something to do with the Legends' newest member and Jesse's ex-boyfriend. Arthur Darvill's Rip Hunter found Wally West in China at the end of this week's episode. The addition of Wally to the team has been highly-anticipated by fans, so it makes sense that the series would make room in a upcoming episode for a Wally subplot, and this could be where Jesse will fit into the story.

Jesse Quick will make at least one more Arrowverse appearance in the month of March. Jesse and Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) will appear in the speedster-centric episode, "Enter Flashtime", as they work together with Barry (Grant Gustin) in stopping a nuclear bomb from destroying Central City. The three will enter Flashtime, a state where time moves so slow that everything seems to stop. The episode will air March 6.

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Legends of Tomorrow continues with "Curse of the Earth Totem" on Monday, February 26 at 8pm ET on The CW.

Source: EW

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