Original 'Flash' Jay Garrick's Helmet Spotted in 'Legends of Tomorrow' Trailer

Legends of Tomorrow Promo Image (DC CW 2016)

This past year, The CW's DC Comics television universe grew to include both Arrow and The Flash and next year, the network will debut a midseason addition to their DC lineup: Legends of Tomorrow. The new series will include characters from Arrow and The Flash as well as newcomers Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) and Hawkgirl (Ciara Renée). Additionally, since Franz Drameh (Attack the Block) was added to the cast in an unspecified role, many have speculated he may portray New 52 Flash, Wally West.

As established by the recently released trailer for Legends of Tomorrow, the show will follow this team as they traverse time in order to battle a new villain within the Arrow/Flash universe. Now, a behind the scenes photo offers a better look at a piece of Flash history teased in the trailer.

In the Legends of Tomorrow trailer while Hunter is explaining the organization known as the Time Masters, Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) is shown in a Time Sphere - a time-traveling device used by Hunter in the comics.

Legends of Tomorrow Trailer Jay Garrick Helmet

Now, a behind the scenes photo that surfaced on Imgur confirms Wells was in the Time Sphere and the object that was out of focus on the ground near it is in fact the helmet of thr original Flash of DC comics, Jay Garrick.




Although Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is so far the only Flash to exist in The CW’s DC Comics universe, it seems next season will confirm the existence of more speedsters - either on The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow. Outside of the series, the showrunners of The Flash have been talking about the inclusion of Wally West a.k.a. Kid Flash since last year. More recently, executive producer Greg Berlanti said he hopes to include another member of the “Flash Family” in the show’s second season.

Legends of Tomorrow The Flash Jay Garrick Helmet

It’s possible Jay Garrick’s helmet could indicate he will appear in either The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow as a new addition to the Flash family since he has teamed up with both Barry Allen and Kid Flash in the comics. However, it may be more likely that the appearance of his helmet (especially since it was out of focus in the trailer) is an Easter egg tailored to fans, or a hint at the Flash Museum that will be established in the future of The Flash’s timeline.

Of course, the location of the helmet - next to a Time Sphere in the particle accelerator at S.T.A.R. Labs - seems to indicate it will have traveled through time to the present day of The Flash. Whether that means the helmet will play a significant role in Legends of Tomorrow remains to be seen.

Legends of Tomorrow will air on The CW during the 2015-2016 midseason.

Source: Imgur [via CBR]

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