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Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Art

When Legends of Tomorrow finished the first half of its second season, it left behind quite a few questions for viewers to think about over the holidays. Malcolm Merlyn had joined the Legion of Doom, Mick Rory saw visions of his deceased crime partner Leonard Snart, The Legion acquired the amulet that the Legends were protecting, and Martin Stein decided to protect an aberration he created by convincing his younger self to be a better husband, which lead to a daughter that most of the Legends don't know about. Oh, and the audience finally learned where missing leader Rip Hunter ended up - in 1967, where he was seen directing what looks like a film version of his own life, his British accent replaced with an American one.

According to the recently-released synopsis, many of those cliffhangers are going to be dealt with right away in 'Raiders of the Lost Art', this month's Legends midseason premiere. Much of the synopsis deals with the team finding Rip, who has amnesia due to "time drift" and doesn't know that his film is real. Also finding Rip are the Legion, who want the Spear of Destiny that is in Rip's possession.

The CW has now released photos from the episode, which both support and add to the 'Raiders of the Lost Art' synopsis. While Rip himself is curiously missing from the pictures, the episode is certainly set in the 1960s, based on the clothes the Legends wear to blend in. For more, check out the images in the gallery below.


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At least two members of the Legion will be in 'Raiders of the Lost Art', as Malcolm and Darhk are shown aiming weapons at someone in one of those photos. Notice that Malcolm's left hand is prosthetic, confirming that this Malcolm is from 2015 or later, since Oliver Queen cut that hand off in the fourth season of Arrow.

Hopefully there will be at least one Star Wars joke relating to Malcom's missing hand, since the title and time period indicate that this is the episode where the time aberration is George Lucas quitting school and therefore never making any Star Wars or Indiana Jones films. This is also backed up by the synopsis, which mentions that Ray and Nate are struggling in the episode due to the aforementioned Lucas franchises having inspired their own chosen careers of scientist and historian.

Some of the pictures reveal Martin giving Mick a medical examination. Since the synopsis mentions Mick asking Stein for help, it's possible they are looking for a medical source for Mick's visions. That could add a level of danger for the rest of the team, as there usually is whenever Stein and Jax are separated, seeing as they only turn into Firestorm when they touch (and have no super powers when apart).

The photos also offer a new tease not mentioned in the episode's synopsis. One of the photos shows Sara wearing a name tag that claims she is a nurse, indicating that the mission will take the Legends to some kind of medical office. Maybe a college health center, since Rip believes he is a student filmmaker.

Legends of Tomorrow moves to a new night when it returns with 'Raiders of the Lost Art', which premieres following The Flash on January 24 on the CW.

Source: The CW

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