Legends of Tomorrow Rumor Links Gorilla Grodd to the Vietnam War

The Flash season 2 - Gorilla Grodd

A rumor suggests that The Flash villain Gorilla Grodd will try to start World War III in a season 3 episode of Legends of Tomorrow that will take place during the Vietnam War.

After their efforts to defeat Reverse Flash and his Legion of Doom resulted in the breaking of time, Rip Hunter will form the Time Bureau to clean up their mess. With the Time Bureau acting as "the new sheriffs in town," the Legends will disband until they eventually have to reunite the team and work together to repair the damage done to the timestream.

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It was confirmed in August that The Flash villain Gorilla Grodd will appear on Legends of Tomorrow. Bleeding Cool reports that Gorilla Grodd will appear in episode 7, which will take place in Vietnam around 1967 or 1968. Grodd's purpose will be to turn the conflict between the United States and Vietnam into World War III.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim tweeted a photo of the script revealing that the title of the episode in question is "Welcome to the Jungle," a reference to the Guns'n'Roses song. Also included on the image is a pair of dog tags and a handprint that looks suspiciously like a gorilla's. Maisie Richardson-Sellers also posted a picture on Twitter that shows actors wearing green military shirts. All of this seems to indicate that the rumor about Gorilla Grodd in Vietnam is indeed true.

Legends of Tomorrow Ep. 307 is in production. @rayutar @mairzeealmas

— Marc Guggenheim (@mguggenheim) September 16, 2017

"Welcome to the Jungle" would mark Grodd's first appearance in the Arrowverse outside of The Flash. Voiced by David Sobolov, Grodd has served as a recurring villain for Team Flash across all three seasons. Grodd began as a pawn of the Reverse Flash but was hit by a train. Grodd later kidnapped Caitlin so that she could create more intelligent apes. Barry seemed to have solved their Grodd problem by trapping him on Earth-Two. While there, Grodd discovered Gorilla City. Grodd's schemes allowed him to assert himself as their leader. After leading the gorillas into a battle with Team Flash on Earth-1, Grodd was finally defeated and incarcerated by A.R.G.U.S.

Unless Grodd is pulled out of the timestream like Captain Cold in season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow, it's likely that an enemy of the Legends, such as a new incarnation of the Legion of Doom, will break Grodd out of A.R.G.U.S. and send him into the past.

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Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow premieres Tuesday, October 10, on The CW.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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