Captain Cold Returns in New Legends of Tomorrow Trailer


[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Legends of Tomorrow ahead.]


Seeing as it's based on decades of comic lore, the Arrowverse is by nature a fantastical place. Still, Legends of Tomorrow often takes things to new heights, as its adventures involve traveling through time and space. Thanks to its mix of science fiction, fantasy, and plenty of superheroics, Legends has taken the crew of the Waverider to some wild places. Just in the past few weeks they've gone from the year 3000, then to the make-believe world of Camelot, all before journeying inside Rip Hunter's addled mind.

This week, the Legends went back to the '60s to stop the mission to the moon from being derailed. Thanks to their efforts, they almost have the complete Spear of Destiny, but we know they won't keep it for long. The description for the penultimate episode of the season, 'Doomworld', teases an alternate reality constructed by the Legion of Doom. Thanks to the trailer for next week's episode, we may just know how things start to go so awry.

After being teased for months, Captain Cold is finally returning to Legends of Tomorrow. While his appearance is brief in the new trailer from The CW, it's certainly a shocking one for the crew—especially Rory, who's been seeing Snart in his head. Of course, we know he won't be rejoining the team, but rather working alongside the Legion. Just how this will play out, we'll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, the shots of an army in the midst of battle aren't explained, but the synopsis for the episode lets us know the series introduces a very special guest:

IT’S WAR — The Legends must devise a plan to retrieve the last remaining fragments of the Spear of Destiny from the Legion of Doom. They find themselves in France at the height of World War I faced with the knowledge that they must destroy the mystical object. They enlist the help of a soldier by the name of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (guest star Jack Turner) and find that the Spear is leading them into the heart of the war. Meanwhile, the team must all resist the temptation of the Spear, and the return of a former teammate.


The former teammate is of course Cold, and the return of Wentworth Miller will be a welcome one. As for the Legends' new ally, we heard a little while back that Tolkien is in the Legends season 2 finale, along with Laurel Lance. His appearance in next week's episode means he and the Legends will be old friends by the end of the season. Like the recent Legends episode featuring George Lucas, anticipate Ray and Nate freaking out quite a bit when they meet Tolkien. For fans of the author, his time in the Great War will ring true, as his horror at the violence humans were capable of drove him to write The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.


At this point, Legends season 2 has wrapped filming, so we'll likely be getting more information on the remaining season 2 episodes soon. The rest of the season looks to be plenty tumultuous, so it's anyone's guess as to what might befall our heroes. Hopefully, some of them will make it out of the season alive. After all, we've got that big, four-way Arrowverse TV show crossover to look forward to next year.

Legends of Tomorrow continues Tuesday, March 21 with ‘Fellowship of the Spear’ at 9 pm on The CW.

Source: The CW

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