Legends of Tomorrow's Dungeons & Dragons Game: Who's Playing As What?

The Legends of Tomorrow play Dungeons and Dragons together. The reveal comes in season 4 episode 6, "Tender Is The Nate," and leaves some big questions. Who is the game master of the group and what types of characters are everyone playing as?

It isn't much of a surprise that the Legends might be Dungeons and Dragons players. All of the team's members have considerable experience in role-playing, given their continual work undercover. Most of the team are geeks of one stripe or another, with even professional thug Mick Rory having a secret life as an aspiring speculative fiction writer. And warlock John Constantine was seen playing Dungeons and Dragons as part of Gary Green's campaign in the Legends of Tomorrow season 3 episode, "Necromancing The Stone."

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The team's Dungeons and Dragons game was revealed when Nate's dad, Captain Hank Heywood, commandeered the parlor of The Waverider in order to plot out how to best attack a Minotaur that was running wild in the catacombs of Paris in 1927. When the other half of the team returned from the library and walked in on this scene, an incredulous John Constantine asked if Hank was using the team's Dungeons and Dragons miniatures as part of his impromptu war room. Zari assured John that Hank had not been allowed to touch "Cyndra, Lord of the Dark Elves."

This suggests that Constantine is playing a dark elf (or Drow) nobleman, but gives viewers no idea what class Lord Cyndra is. A remark elsewhere in the latest Legends of Tomorrow episode suggests that Lord Cyndra might be a Bard - a spell-casting rogue whose powers depend on charisma, arcane knowledge, illusions, and singing. Such a class could easily appeal to Constantine - a former punk-rock singer who depends on subterfuge and charm in working his own unique brand of magic. John is notably the first person to defend Nate's plan to subdue the Minotaur by singing and playing a lute at it, noting that "in the hands of a master, a lute is a formidable weapon. Just look at Sting, mate."

Considering the rest of the Legends, it's easy to see them sticking similarly close to Gary Green's assessment of them, when comparing the team to his group's Dungeons and Dragons party. Career criminal Mick Rory would excel at playing a rogue and Sara Lance would likewise play a rogue/fighter or possibly multi-class between monk and assassin. Given Ray Palmer's idealism and his love of knights and chivalry, it is easy to see him stepping up to play a paladin, though Gary described Ray as "a cheerful gnome who is also a mighty wizard." Either way, this would leave Zari playing a cleric (because someone has to be the party healer), though she'd likely follow a deity who gave her access to the Air Domain, so that she'd have some offensive wind spells.

This only leaves the question of who would be acting as the Legends of Tomorrow's Dungeon Master. Perhaps Zari programmed the Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manuals into Gideon so that she could take part in the fun? Or maybe Mick, who has some experience with world-building, thanks to his novels, would be persuaded (after a few beers) to take a stab at running a game based on his world? Whatever the case, we hope the team's Dungeons and Dragons game will play a critical role in a future episode.

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Legends of Tomorrow continues on The CW Mondays at 9pm.

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