Legends Of Tomorrow: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together (& 5 That Make No Sense)

There are so many Legendary couples to come out of Legends Of Tomorrow, but there have also been many misfires

Legends Of Tomorrow is probably the craziest show in the Arrowverse, but that's a good thing; the Arrowverse needs something absolutely barmy to lighten up the mood. Arrow is about as dark as it gets and even The Flash and Supergirl have been tackling some pretty heavy and relevant issues recently.

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Part of Legends' wacky charm is due to its zany line up. Heroes and villains were plucked from the other Arrowverse shows to form a motley crew on board the Waverider, and with such an interesting ensemble comes a multitude of relationships. Some are amazing, while others should have just been left in the past.

10 Best - Leo and Ray Terrill

One of the best things to come out of the Crisis On Earth-X crossover was the relationship between Leo Snart and Ray Terrill. We're including this in the Legends list because Leo's Earth-1 counterpart, Captain Cold, was an original member of the Waverider team.

Leo fought as a hero against the Nazi regime alongside his husband on Earth-X. He even opted to travel with the Legends for a while after the Crisis was over but couldn't stand to be separated from his beloved for too long and so he went back to his Earth to reunite with his lover. From what viewers saw, this was a strong LGBT relationship and hopefully they'll return in the next crossover.

9 Worst - Kendra and Carter

Also known as Hawkman and Hawkgirl (thank you Cisco), Kendra and Carter were apparently meant to be for all eternity. So much so in fact, that they possessed the power of reincarnation, being reborn with a new identity every time they kicked the bucket.

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Ironically, their eternal relationship suffered because the viewers didn't actually see that much of it. What was shown in the 2015 crossover didn't much help matters, as Carter was obsessed with Kendra who had no idea who he was so it came across as weird and creepy. Legends tried to fix it but ended up killing Carter in the pilot episode, leaving Kendra alone for the entire season.

8 Best - Sara and Snart

These two never actually blossomed into a proper relationship, but their flirting was hilarious and it was obvious that they both found each other attractive. Both Sara and Snart had extremely dark pasts and neither of them were sure of exactly what they should be doing.

Therefore, they both joined the Legends to defeat Vandal Savage. Their initial banter was adorable and quite funny and due to their similar personalities, they got on rather well. In the penultimate episode of Season 1, Snart sacrificed himself to save the team and got a goodbye kiss from Sara in return, hinting at what could have been.

7 Worst - Nate and Amaya

Nate and Amaya arrived onboard the Waverider at roughly the same time. However, they came from very different times indeed. Nate was from the present day while Amaya left during the Second World War. Their relationship had a solid start but the foundations were really rocky as Amaya knew she would have to go back to her own time at some point in order to prevent her grandchildren from never having existed.

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The fact that this relationship could never be endgame for the couple definitely put strains on both Nate and Amaya. The viewers also found it difficult to get invested knowing that it wouldn't last.

6 Best - Stein and Jax

These two are surprisingly similar to the dynamic between Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost on The Flash. Although Stein and Jax each have their own bodies, when they merge, they become Firestorm. Therefore their relationship is one of co-dependence which makes it fairly unique in the Arrowverse.

Originally, Stein and Jax really didn't get along. The two were incredibly different, with Stein being an old professor and Jax being a hot-headed young man. Stein even kidnapped Jax so that he could explore time and space. Over 3 seasons though, they became incredibly close and Stein even sacrificed himself to save Jax's life.

5 Worst - Kendra and Ray Palmer

After Carter Hall's death in the first episode of Season 1, Kendra was left devastated and alone, determined to find Vandal Savage and kill him before he could hurt any more of her friends. However, this took longer than she anticipated and so Kendra began to develop feelings for the Atom, which were keenly reciprocated.

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Kendra and Ray made for a cute couple and they even lived together in the past for a short period of time. However, given that the show made such a big deal out of Kendra and Hawkman being the epitome of 'true love', everyone knew that this relationship was simply filler and would never really last.

4 Best - Ray Palmer and Nora

This couple form one of the most interesting relationships on Legends of Tomorrow. Nora Darhk originally served as one of the main protagonists in Season 3, alongside her father Damien and Mallus. She was actually quite an entertaining villain and she possessed a lot of power, making her a formidable foe.

Thanks to Ray though, Nora was not completely irredeemable and Seasons 3 and 4 played around with this quite a lot, to great dramatic effect. Eventually, Nora managed to prove herself capable of being a hero to both the Legends and the Time Bureau and now she and Ray have tentatively begun an adorable relationship together.

3 Worst - Nate and Zari

One of the newest relationships onboard the Waverider, Nate and Zari have taken it rather slow. To be fair, both of them have good reasons to be weary as Nate's last relationship was basically doomed from the start and Zari came from a dystopian future which gave her very few reasons to actually trust people.

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It's still in its early stages but from what the viewers have seen so far, their relationship appears to be fairly vanilla. Additionally, to have Nate move on from Amaya so quickly just seemed a little bit unbelievable. Their relationship also hit a massive snag in the Season 4 finale as the timeline was rewritten, resulting in Zari never joining the Legends.

2 Best - Sara and Ava

Sara was in need of a good relationship and in Season 3, Legends gave her just that. Of course, with the series being as crazy as it is, her soulmate came along in the form of a clone who ran the Time Bureau.

Ava was initially a very grumpy character, and that's putting it mildly. She did not like the Legends and made no attempt to hide her disdain for the Waverider crew. Things got even worse when the Legends tried to help out the Time Bureau. Over time though, Ava's attitude softened and her fights with Sara soon turned into flirtatious banter. Eventually they became one of the show's best couples, who always had each other's back.

1 Worst - Kendra and Vandal Savage

This is easily the worst relationship on Legends and quite possibly the worst in the entire Arrowverse. Savage was basically the super-villain version of a crazed lunatic stalker who fancied Kendra the moment he laid eyes on her but grew incredibly jealous of her relationship with Hawkman.

Delusional and insane, Savage went on an absolutely massive killing spree throughout time, all because he didn't get the girl. What's worse is that he was actually quite a boring villain. Once you've heard one megalomaniacal speech, you've heard them all and Savage just would not stop ranting. Plus, his motives were downright creepy.

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