Legends of Tomorrow Welcomes Constantine in Midseason Premiere Trailer

[Spoilers for those not caught up on Legends of Tomorrow.]


The Legends meet Constantine in the trailer for the midseason premiere of Legends of Tomorrow. The Legends have had a tough time lately. While they knew that Martin Stein would be leaving the Waverider soon, they assumed it would be to go home to his wife, daughter, and grandson. So both the Legends and the audience were shocked and broken-hearted when Martin was killed by an Earth-X Nazi during 'Crisis on Earth-X' and sacrificed himself to save Jax. As if that wasn't enough, Jax is grieving too much to remain, so in the final moments of the midseason finale he left the Waverider. Now missing two of their original members, the Legends have found themselves with a couple of newcomers on the ship - Leo, the Earth-X double of Leonard Snart, and John Constantine.

While generally there are four live-action shows which are considered a part of the Arrowverse, Constantine is technically a fifth. While there were no references or crossovers during the one season Constantine was on the air, Matt Ryan has played the character on Arrow - tying his show to the rest of the Arrowverse. In fact, since Constantine is the person who saved Sara's soul after she was resurrected in the Lazarus Pit, he's the reason the Legends have their leader.

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In the final moments of the midseason finale 'Beebo the God of War', Sara found Constantine waiting for her on the Waverider. He let her know that he needs her help - there's a possessed girl, and the demon who has her knows Sara's name. Legends of Tomorrow will not return until February, but The CW has already released a trailer for the midseason premiere - 'Daddy Darhkest' - seen above.

The first half of the trailer mostly focuses on Constantine meeting the team - which of course includes a snarky comment from Rory, seemingly comparing Constantine to Rip Hunter due to their British accents and love of trench coats. Constantine explains to the Legends that he is a warlock and an expert on the occult. The rest of the trailer is shown in a fast montage, though it looks like the clips include Constantine attempting to exorcise the demon from the girl and Leo in some kind of danger, as well as a moment where Ray admits that he doesn't like horror movies.

The title obviously refers to Nora Darhk, who was last seen injured after a fight with the Legends. Whether she survives the encounter remains to be seen, but whether she is alive or dead, Damien Darhk is certainly going to want revenge on the people who hurt his daughter.

Since Legends of Tomorrow deals more with the unexplained than the other current shows in the Arrowverse, it should be a perfect fit for Constantine. And with Martin's death and Jax leaving, the Legends will certainly need all the help they can get as they continue to fight Mallus, as well as Nora and Damien Darhk.

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Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW on a new night, Mondays, starting February 2018 at 9 pm.

Source: The CW

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