Constantine Will Return on Legends of Tomorrow This Season

Warner Bros. confirms John Constantine (Matt Ryan) will be back for another episode during the current season of Legends of Tomorrow.

Fans who enjoyed Matt Ryan as Constantine on Legends of Tomorrow have reason to mark their calendars, because the actor and character will be back in season 3.

Ryan's Constantine has been through a wild ride in the Arrowverse. He first appeared as the character in the ill-fated NBC series, Constantine. Yet Ryan reprised his role in Arrow season 4 when he helped bring Sara Lance back from the dead. This, retroactively, made Constantine apart of the Arrowverse. Something that was 100 percent confirmed by a reference to Astra in Ryan's appearance on the Legends of Tomorrow midseason premiere, "Daddy Darhkest." Legends of Tomorrow will continue to add even more lore to the TV version of John Constantine as the actor will be back for one more episode in the current season. It might not just end at the one reappearance, too.

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ComicBook received confirmation of Ryan's return by Warner Bros. itself. Ryan will return as the character in episode 15 of season 3. The episode, which is appropriately titled "Necromancing the Stone," is set to air on Monday, March 19.

Speculation was already swirling that Constantine would be back due to a Instagram post by Legends actor, Nick Zano. Zano posted a tongue-in-cheek picture of himself in character as Nate Heywood, bloodied and beaten. Zano captioned the picture explaining that this is how he was approaching filming the season 3 finale of Legends of Tomorrow. In the background of the photo, Ryan can clearly be seen in costume as Constantine.

Going into the last episode of the season like... ? cred: @caitylotz

A post shared by Nick Zano (@nickzano) on

Despite this caption, it hasn't been confirmed that Ryan will be back for the season finale. Warner Bros. has only confirmed Ryan will be back for "Necromancing the Stone." Any further appearance by Constantine, while likely, is just speculation at this point. Zano could've easily taken a picture from the filming of episode 315, to explain how he's feeling about reaching the end of the season. The photo could in no way suggest what is going to happen in the season finale or who will be involved.

However, it's not so outlandish to think that Constantine will be included in the season finale. The demon Mallus is the big bad of Legends of Tomorrow season 3. Demons are one of John's specific areas of expertise. Legends of Tomorrow has repeatedly beefed up the threat of Mallus. It would be perfectly fitting then, if all hands were on deck to take Mallus out in the season finale. Even if Constantine isn't involved directly with Mallus, there are other reasons for him to appear more than once. Constantine did warn Ray that Sara being possessed by Mallus in "Daddy Darhkest" would come back to haunt the team. Constantine has already saved Sara's soul once. He would be helpful in trying to do it again.

Furthermore, an animated webseries starring Ryan as Constantine is set to air sometime in 2018 on CW Seed. No premiere date for the webseries has been announced. If the similar Vixen series is anything to go on though, it's likely Constantine will hit in early summer or late spring. This would be right when Legends of Tomorrow will be wrapping up its season, making for some perfect and very easy promotion in the season 3 finale.

For now, though, Constantine and Legends of Tomorrow fans can take comfort in getting one extra episode of the chain-smoking magician. Any amount of Constantine is a good amount.

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Legends of Tomorrow returns on Monday, February 19, with “Here I Go Again” on The CW.

Source: ComicBook

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