Constantine Joins Legends of Tomorrow in Midseason Premiere Photos

Matt Ryan makes his return to the Arrowverse as the supernatural sleuth John Constantine in new photos from the DC's Legends of Tomorrow midseason premiere, 'Daddy Darhkest'. Ryan first made his way over to The CW's DC television universe in the Arrow season 4 episode 'Haunted', shortly after his own DC Comics TV show was cancelled after a single season on NBC. He's now getting his own animated Constantine TV series on CW Seed, but will first team up with the Legends on their return adventure following Team Firestorm's departure last year.

Ryan's Constantine was called in by Oliver Queen to lend his supernatural expertise, shortly after Oliver's attempt to magically resurrect Sara Lance went south. It was only fitting, then, that the first person Constantine encountered on the Waverider was Sara (Caity Lotz), when he showed up at the end of the Legends of Tomorrow midseason finale, 'Beebo the God of War'. It turns out that Constantine could use some help from Sara and her fellow wayward time-traveling superheroes, which should make for some entertaining moments of character based humor in the midseason premiere.

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Heatwave actor Dominic Purcell has already teased that Earth-X's Citizen Cold and Constantine (who, it should be noted, is canonically bisexual) will be getting their flirt on during 'Daddy Darhkest', and the latest photos from the episode certainly don't contradict that claim (see: the photo of Leonard-X making goo-goo eyes at Constantine). There also appears to be some tension, possibly of the lustful variety, between Constantine and Sara in the midseason premiere images that TVLine has posted online. You can check those out in the gallery below.

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As mentioned earlier, Constantine will be hanging around as part of the Arrowverse after the Legends of Tomorrow midseason premiere, but probably on the animated side only. Meanwhile, the Waverider will be adding at least one permanent replacement for the two-man Firestorm in the form of Kid Flash aka. Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale). While fans have been theorizing that so much would happen for some time now, executive producer Phil Klemmer has since made it official that Wally is becoming a series regular on the show.

Legends of Tomorrow was originally pitched on the idea that it would feature a rotating team of superheroes, with certain core members hanging around to provide a sense of continuity throughout the series' run. Season 3 in particular has made good on that promise, having already added Zari Tomaz (Tala Ashe) to the Legends roster, and found a way for Firestorm to exit the series in a graceful and mostly non-contrived fashion. It would no doubt be fun to have Constantine stay aboard the Waverider past the midseason premiere, but of the pair it's the under-appreciated Wally who's the better fit for both Sara's team of misfits and the show's very mission statement.

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Legends of Tomorrow season 3 continues Monday, February 12 with ‘Daddy Darhkest’ on The CW.

Source: TVLine

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