Legends of Tomorrow Had Two Constantine Creator Easter Eggs

John Constantine's recent guest appearance on Legends of Tomorrow merited not one but two Easter eggs paying tribute to the character's spiritual fathers. Constantine made his grand return to the Arrowverse in the Legends of Tomorrow mid-season premiere episode 'Daddy Darhkest'. The episode saw the infamous "master of the dark arts" turning to the titular team for help after the demon he was attempting to drive from a young woman named Emily said the name of Sara Lance a.k.a. White Canary - Captain of The Waverider and leader of The Legends.

The first Easter Egg came early in the episode, shortly after John explained the situation to Sara and was offered a bit of help from The Legends. John led the team to the last place he had seen his client before being run off by the doctors who were treating her - Sumner Asylum in Star City. The name of Sumner Asylum seems to be a nod to a man who, while not directly involved in the creation of John Constantine, nevertheless had an influence upon his physicality.

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Gordon Sumner was a fairly famous British punk rock star in the 1980s, who also dabbled in acting. He's probably better known, however, by his stage name of Sting. The legends differ on precisely how he was chosen to act as the physical model for John Constantine, with the writer claiming the artist did it as a joke and the artist claiming it was the writer's idea. The idea may have come from reports that Sting is a practitioner of Tantric magic. There's also persistent rumors that the idea for John Constantine may have come from Sting's playing a similarly sinister character in the 1982 movie Brimstone and Treacle. In any event, Sting is aware of his fictional doppelganger and is quite content to leave well enough alone.

Legends Of Tomorrow Sumner Asylum

The second Easter Egg came in the form of the episode's antagonist - the female doctor treating Emily, who terrorizes The Legends across two time periods and nearly lobotomizes Leo Snart. Though her name is never given in the episode, she is identified in the credits for the episode as Dr. Ellen Moore. This would seem to be a pretty clear audio pun on the name of Alan Moore.

Though he is more famous today for writing V For Vendetta and Watchmen, Moore first found critical fame for his work on the comic series Saga Of The Swamp Thing. It was here that John Constantine first appeared, making a non-speaking cameo in Saga Of The Swamp Thing #25 before showing up one year later in Saga Of The Swamp Thing #37, offering information on the plant-creature's true origins in exchange for help in fighting various mystic threats. It was a bargain that both characters would soon regret, starting a long give-and-take relationship that continues to this day.

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Legends Of Tomorrow returns on Monday, February 19, with 'Here I Go Again'.

Source: The CW

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