Legends of Tomorrow Season Premiere Synopsis Introduces Citizen Steel

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Casts Nick Zano as Citizen Steel

The DC Comics television universe has been steadily growing on the CW Network. One of the newer series to join the line-up last year was DC's Legends of Tomorrow, featuring a slew of DC Comics heroes, like Atom, Firestorm, Hawkgirl and Hawkman.

The season 2 premiere is about three weeks away and the network is starting to promote the episode. The official synopsis for the premiere includes information on the debut of a key member of the Justice Society of America, Citizen Steel.

The synopsis for the DC's Legends of Tomorrow season 2 premiere, titled "Lost and Found," tells us that not only will Arrow star Stephen Amell be guest starring, but the episode will also mark the first appearance of Dr. Nate Heywood a.k.a. Citizen Steel. As we learned earlier this year, the role of Nathaniel Heywood will be portrayed by Nick Zano (Minority Report, 2 Broke Girls). Dr. Heywood is apparently going to work on re-assembling the Legends to help deal with a new time crisis. Here's the full synopsis, via ComicBook:

LOST AND FOUND — GUEST STARRING STEPHEN AMELL — After the defeat of the immortal villain Vandal Savage and the exposure of the corrupt Time Masters, a new threat emerges.

Dr. Nate Heywood (Nick Zano), an unconventional and charming historian, is thrust into the action. After making a shocking discovery, Nate seeks out Oliver Queen (guest star Stephen Amell) for help in finding the scattered Legends. Once reunited, the Legends continue their new mission to protect the timeline from temporal aberrations - unusual changes to history that spawn potentially catastrophic consequences.

Their first stop is 1942, to protect Albert Einstein from being kidnapped before the Nazis destroy New York City with a nuclear bomb. Meanwhile, Ray (Brandon Routh) notices that Sara (Caity Lotz) has a mission of her own, which leads them both to face her nemesis, Damien Darhk (guest star Neal McDonough). Victor Garber, Arthur Darvill, Dominic Purcell and Franz Drameh also star.

Dermot Downs directed the episode written by Marc Guggenheim & Phil Klemmer and Greg Berlanti & Chris Fedak

Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Art

The Grandson of the DC Comics hero Commander Steel, Henry "Hank" Heywood, Nathan takes up the moniker of Citizen Steel, a name given to him in the comic books by Power Girl, as an homage to his grandfather. Nathan first made his debut in the pages of DC Comics in Justice Society of America Volume 3, #2 (March 2007), as a football player who suffered a major injury and ended up losing his leg. He has struggled with an addition to painkillers following his injuries but was otherwise leading a fairly ordinary life, until one fateful day when the Heywoods were attacked by the Fourth Reich, Vandal Savage's team of Neo-Nazi metahumans.

During the attack on his family, Nathan encounters one of the more menacing members of the Fourth Reich, a bald and muscular Nazi named Reichsmark. Reichsmark had already turned Nathan's mother and brother into metal statues, when Nathan stabbed him in the throat with one of his crutches, causing liquid metal to spew all over him. Hawkman whisks Nathan away and with the help of Dr. Mid-Nite he survives the incident. It turns out that his own buried powers were activated by the attack and his body has had a bizarre reaction to Reichsmark by absorbing the metal, turning his skin, bone and muscle into an organic steel, and even growing a new leg. The all-metal hero now features attributes like super strength and durability.

The addition of Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and Citizen Steel for season two will be a welcome addition to the Legion roster. Interestingly, it looks like Nathan's grandfather or father may appear as Commander Steel (Matthew MacCaull) during the season, probably due to some time jumping.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursday nights @ 8PM /ET. Season two will debut on October 13 on The CW Network.


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