Legends of Tomorrow: 'Camelot/3000' Trailer Teases an Action-Packed Episode

Nick Zano and Brandon Routh in Legends of Tomorrow

Normally if a superhero TV series announced that it would be going back to the medieval times, it might be met with a fair amount of skepticism from viewers and critics. But with DC's Legends of Tomorrow, it doesn't feel any less ordinary than the other, zany storylines and time periods the series has gone to in the past, and one could even argue that it would feel more like a logical step in the right direction than anything else. So when The CW TV series announced that it would be doing its own version of the iconic "Camelot 3000" story from the comic books, it only made sense; especially considering how much fun the series has had integrating its sci-fi and fantastical plot elements into different, iconic times throughout history.

Since returning from its winter hiatus, Legends of Tomorrow has already gone back to 1970s Hollywood to visit a young George Lucas, ventured headfirst into the American Revolutionary War, and later this month will be introducing King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable. And after hearing about the highly-anticipated episode for several months now, "Camelot/3000" is finally almost here.

Following the premiere of this week's "Turncoat" episode, The CW has released the first official promo for "Camelot/3000", teasing the episode's unique period setting and confirming several plot elements from the original comics that the episode will be replaced and changing. But based purely on this teaser trailer, "Camelot/3000" is also shaping up to be one of the series' most action-packed outings to date. Take a look for yourself in the video above.

DC's Camelot 3000

In the original storyline, the "Camelot 3000" storyline revolved around the evil sorcerer, Morgan la Fay, transporting King Arthur and his companions to the future where an alien invasion was taking place. Unlike the comics, however, the episode doesn't look to be taking place in the future but rather the stereotypical medieval past; replacing Morgan la Fay with the now evil Rip Hunter and the Legion of Doom, as evidenced by that brief shot of Damien Darhk in full knight armor riding horseback.

It was just recently confirmed that the episode will also feature the long-awaited return of the JSA, as the Legends fight against Rip and the Legion to obtain a piece of the Spear of Destiny, which is being protected by Stargirl (Sarah Grey). In case all of this sounds more fitting of a zany sci-fi series like "Quantum Leap", instead of a traditional DC superhero TV show as well, then that's basically what a majority of the rest of this season of Legends has felt like. "Camelot/3000" looks to be the most ambitious episode of the series to date too, which is saying a lot considering just how daring and genre-bending Legends has been up until this point.

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Legends of Tomorrow continues Tuesday, February 14 with ‘Camelot/3000’ at 9pm on The CW.

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