Legends of Tomorrow Is Now The Best Arrowverse Show

Legends Redeems The Other Shows' Misused Characters

The characters are what makes Legends work, with the remaining trio from the very beginning - Caity Lotz as the reluctant team captain Sara Lance/The White Canary, Brandon Routh as the perpetually sunny Ray Palmer/The Atom, and Dominic Purcell as the irascible Mick Rory/Heatwave - deftly forming the series' core. However, Legends has been brilliant at refurbishing characters the other series have bungled. Case in point is Wally West, who just joined the Legends to replace Victor Garber's Martin Stein and Franz Drameh's Jefferson Jackson, the two characters who were Firestorm together. Wally was practically a non-entity to The Flash but he has quickly fit in as the eager young speedster exasperating his new friends. Keiynan Lonsdale's excitement at getting a chance to matter as part of this cast is evident.

Legends' is like the Arrowverse's Island of Misfit Toys, and that also applies to super villains as well as heroes. Season 2's Legion of Doom arc was a major turning point for the series wherein everything really started to gel, thanks in large part to the devious delight John Barrowman, Matt Letscher, and Neal McDonough shared when uniting as the bickering Big Bad triad of Malcolm Merlyn, Eobard Thawne, and Damien Darhk. The key to the Legion of Doom was how they were the three best villains of the Arrowverse but they were constantly exasperated by the Legends. The baddies felt these "idiots" were beneath them, but the heroes kept finding ways to ultimately defeat them. Darhk returned for Season 3 alongside Courtney Ford as his mystical daughter Nora, and he's still completely irritated by the Legends.

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Constantine Is A Perfect Fit For Legends

The resurrection of John Constantine from the star of a short-lived, failed NBC series to an Arrowverse mainstay encapsulates what Legends is all about. A character from a dead series on another network somehow jumping to a new network to be revitalized is a real-life version of what happens on Legends of Tomorrow. John Constantine is the lastest and best example of how the CW series excels at taking something with huge potential that was squandered elsewhere like Constantine and making it work aboard their time traveling space ship.

In truth, Constantine didn't really belong on NBC and fans knew it. His low-rated supernatural series was canceled in early 2015 after one season, but Matt Ryan's pitch-perfect embodiment of the dangerous demonologist deserved better. Fans clamored for John to somehow join the Arrowverse, a sentiment echoed by Arrow's own producers. Constantine miraculously guest starred in an episode of Arrow Season 4, in what was described as "a one-time dispensation" granted by the powers-that-be at DC, but fans ate up the mage's crossover to The CW and wanted more.

In January of 2017, The CW announced an animated Constantine series would be produced for the CW Seed app, with Ryan returning to voice the British warlock. Soon after, CW Seed acquired every episode of the Constantine NBC series, and it was looking more likely Ryan would don Constantine's brown overcoat once more. Then it happened: John Constantine triumphantly returned to the Arrowverse, this time on Legends of Tomorrow, as he's an ideal ally to help the heroes face a malevolent demon. Constantine was again received so enthusiastically that it has been announced that Matt Ryan would join the cast of Legends as a series regular if they receive a renewal for a fourth season.

For his part, John Constantine is exactly the kind of character Legends embraces: a damaged misfit with skeletons in his closet who wants to do the right thing deep down and can be a hero given proper motivation. What's more, magic has become a more prominent fixture of the Arrowverse in recent years, and a sorcerer like John Constantine possesses an invaluable skill set. More importantly, Constantine inherently creates a totally different kind of chaos from Mick Rory's arsonist tendencies or Ray Palmer's scientific blunders and adds an incendiary ingredient to the Legends' zany misadventures. It's only fitting John Constantine takes his place in the Arrowverse's weirdest and best superhero series as one of the Legends of Tomorrow. Hopefully, he'll get to draw numerous pentagrams aboard the Waverider in Season 4.

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