Legends of Tomorrow Reveals Ava's Secret in 'I, Ava' Trailer

Spoilers for those not caught up on Legends of Tomorrow.

The trailer for the Legends of Tomorrow episode "I, Ava" has been released. When Ava Sharpe was first introduced at the beginning of Legends of Tomorrow season 3, she seemed like a foil to Sara Lance. She was uptight, by the book, and unwilling to admit that the Legends are good at what they do - even after they saved her life. But over time, the character has softened, eventually realizing that she has feelings for Sara. In the last few weeks they've had their first date, slept together, and in this week's episode "Necromancing the Stone" Sara called Ava her girlfriend but ultimately ended up dumping her.

However, there is far more going on than possibly either of them know. When Rip Hunter realized that they were dating, he secretly referred to Ava as "special" before having Gideon delete a file on her so that Sara would not find out the truth. Whatever secret Rip is keeping, it's clearly a big one.

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It looks like that secret will be revealed in full in the upcoming episode "I, Ava" - at least, that's what The CW's extended trailer for the episode indicates. Having one ex is bad enough, but it looks like Sara will soon be surrounded by multiple Ava Sharpes - maybe even a whole army of them.

The trailer does not explain whether these many copies of Ava are clones or robots or something else. Nor do they explain if the Ava that audiences and the Legends have gotten to know these last few months is human, or if she is the same as whatever all the other Ava Sharpes are. What it does make clear is that Ava doesn't have a clue about any of this - and unsurprisingly, neither does her co-worker Gary. Meanwhile, the Darhks are still trying to acquire the other totems from the Legends - no small task, especially now that Rory has turned out to the the bearer of the fire totem.

With the season 3 finale scheduled for just a few short weeks, Legends of Tomorrow only has three more episodes left to bring the season to a close. That does not leave them very long to collect the remaining totems and defeat Mallus and The Darhks. Fortunately, Constantine is returning to help - and will be sticking around next season too. And who knows, perhaps the many Ava Sharpes will also be a part of the battle to come. Since Ava has already proven herself to be a capable fighter, having a whole army of her would definitely be useful for the Legends.


Legends of Tomorrow continues on The CW with "I, Ava" on Monday, March 26 at 8 pm.

Source: The CW

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