Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 Makes Ava a Series Regular

Legends of Tomorrow promotes Jes Macallan, who plays Ava Sharpe, to series regular for season 4 on the heels of Matt Ryan joining as John Constantine.

Another fan favorite from Legends of Tomorrow season 3 is getting a promotion as Jes Macallan, who plays Ava Sharpe, is promoted to a series regular for season 4. This is the second big (and new) series regular to be announced for Legends of Tomorrow. Previously Matt Ryan, who plays John Constantine, was announced as a series regular for season 4, before The CW even renewed Legends of Tomorrow.

Macallan joined Legends of Tomorrow at the start of season 3. While she has been a frequent presence throughout the season, the actress was only in a recurring role. This promotion promises several things for fans, the most obvious being a lot more of Ava can be expected in season 4. Yet the casting could also suggest something positive about the future of the (currently called-off) relationship between Ava and Sara Lance.

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EW broke the news of Macallan's new job on Legends with a statement from executive producer, Phil Klemmer. Klemmer explained that the plan was always to introduce a new love interest for Sara in season 3. It was just a matter of finding the right character and actress, which is where Ava and Macallan entered the picture. Klemmer said:

[Jes Macallan's] character arc was a bit of a slow burn this season, and yet each episode revealed a new facet of her character. She’s been alternately funny, poignant, engaging, endearing, and kick-ass this season — and yet I know for a fact that we haven’t hit all of Jes’s hidden gears as an actor. We are lucky to have a whole new season in which to find them.

The news of Ava joining Legends of Tomorrow full-time comes at an interesting moment for the series. After a series of teases, Legends of Tomorrow recently revealed that the character is a clone from the future. This shocking revelation put an even bigger damper on Ava's romance with Sara, after the latter broke up with Ava because of the darkness inside of herself. Sara felt that the "perfect" Ava deserved much better than an ex-assassin.

However, in the penultimate episode of  Legends of Tomorrow season 3, "Guest Starring John Noble," Sara told Ava she loved her. It was done in an effort to make Ava stay with Sara but Ava walked away. Now that Ava will be around for the long haul in season 4, fans can expect to see more of Ava's response to Sara's confession. It's even very likely that Ava will reciprocate those feelings.

Yet just because Macallan is continuing in Legends of Tomorrow doesn't mean that the current Ava will stick around. Ava isn't just a clone, she's the twelfth clone that Rip Hunter recruited for the Time Bureau. It would be a dark turn for the joyful and delightful Legends of Tomorrow to kill off "our" Ava and replace her with yet another clone. Sara would have to deal with the clone of the woman she loves walking around.

Of course, stranger things have definitely happened in the Arrowverse and even on Legends of Tomorrow itself. The series did, after all, have a telepathic gorilla attack a young Barack Obama and shunted that off as a side-plot.

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Legends of Tomorrow season 3 concludes with "The Good, the Bad and the Cuddly" on Monday, April 9 at 8pm on The CW.

Source: EW

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