Legends of Tomorrow: Arthur Darvill on Becoming Rip Hunter

Arthur Darvill in Doctor Who

The DC TV universe is going strong on the CW, with Arrow in its fourth season and its spinoff The Flash entering its second season, and it's set to expand even further in 2016 with DC's Legends of Tomorrow. With a TV multiverse now established on The Flash, this further spinoff will dive headlong into time travel and follow time master Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) as he recruits a multitude of heroes and villains to go up against the corrupt immortal Vandal Savage (Casper Crump).

Legends of Tomorrow will feature characters we've met already, like Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh),White Canary (Caity Lotz), Firestorm (Victor Garber) and villains Heatwave (Dominic Purcell) and Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller), and will also introduce Hawkman (Falk Hentschel) and Hawkgirl (Ciara Renée). At the center of them all is the time-traveling Rip Hunter, a DC comics character who dates back to the 1950s.

British actor Arthur Darvill (perhaps best known to audiences as Rory Williams, one of the companions of the Eleventh Doctor on Doctor Who) spoke with at New York Comic Con about his approach to Rip Hunter and what fans can expect from the series. When asked if any other Time Masters like Hunter will show up, Darvill could only answer "I don't want to say!"

When asked about the various iterations of Rip Hunter in the comic books over the years, Darvill went into more detail, saying:

"Yeah. Yeah, I think having read a lot of the comics, what's quite nice is that I couldn't quite get a grip on who he was, personality-wise. I think that's kind of quite interesting. I love the idea that he's very private and he has that kind of adventurous side but he doesn't like to reveal too much of himself. But he's got some dark stuff that's happened to him in the past (or the future) that he's dealing with.

"What I feel they've done so well writing-wise and what they've asked me to do with it is sort of exciting and takes it to a different place that it hasn't been to in the comic books yet. I think that's such an honor to be able to do, but I think the fans of the comic books will be very pleased with the way the character develops."

Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter on Legends of Tomorrow

Darvill was also asked to comment on Rip Hunter's unreliability - he frequently cannot be trusted, which will be an issue when Hunter encounters proven leaders like Ray Palmer/Atom and heroes with mentor issues of their own, like Barry Allen/The Flash (Grant Gustin). According to Darvill:

"He's got his own agenda, and whether that fits into everyone else's is yet to be seen. I think there are some serious trust issues because he doesn't like to give anything away and he's trying to achieve what he wants to achieve. He kind of keeps people on a need-to-know basis and it doesn't always necessarily work out well."

The inclusion of Hawkgirl was addressed, since the character is (sometimes) a reincarnation of an ancient warrior, which could mean that Hunter may have encountered her before, in a different form. Darvill's answer was typically cagey, but he hinted at the notion of having encountered some of the heroes at villains at different points in time, saying "I don't want to give away too much, but it's going to be interesting seeing where these characters are throughout different points in history."

While Darvill's Rip Hunter sounds very much like a shadier version of Rory's old friend the Doctor, Hunter's central purpose is supposedly to oppose Vandal Savage and save time itself. Hunter will have to convince a group of very dissimilar people to help him with this, and if he has such a noble (on the surface) mission, he's likely to say anything to get what he wants. Fans of The Flash and Arrow might be able to imagine some of the plot twists to come, but the wide open terrain of time travel should hold plenty of surprises, with Hunter at the heart of them.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is expected to premiere on the CW in 2016. Season 2 of The Flash is currently airing on Tuesdays at 8pm on the CW, and Season 4 of Arrow airs on Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW.


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