'Arrow'/'Flash' Spinoff 'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' Official Synopsis

CW picks up Arrow/Flash spinoff Legends of Tomorrow

Arrow and The Flash season finales are right around the corner - and whether you've loved every minute of them this season or not, the two DC Comics shows have been massive hits for The CW. That's why it came as no surprise the network was interested in securing yet another superhero show from producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg - the power trio behind Oliver Queen and Barry Allen's small-screen adventures.

From the first we heard of it, the Arrow/Flash spinoff was planned as a team-up show featuring a variety of heroes and villains, including The Atom, Captain Cold, Heatwave and more. Then it was revealed that renowned time traveler Rip Hunter (played by Doctor Who's Arthur Darvill) would also be joining the show. With that news it became clear the spinoff would be more than just a team-up of The CW's current heroes and villains, but a show with characters from across the time stream.

Earlier this month we had heard the Arrow/Flash spinoff would be ordered directly to series and The CW confirmed that today, along with unveiling the spinoff's official title and synopsis. The series is called Legends of Tomorrow and will indeed involve Rip Hunter traveling through time to assemble a team of heroes and villains from across The CW/DC universe.

Flash Arrow Spinoff Show Premiere Date

Read the full synopsis for Legends of Tomorrow below:

When heroes alone are not enough… the world needs legends. Having seen the future, one he will desperately try to prevent from happening, time-traveling rogue Rip Hunter is tasked with assembling a disparate group of both heroes and villains to confront an unstoppable threat – one in which not only is the planet at stake, but all of time itself. Can this ragtag team defeat an immortal threat unlike anything they have ever known?

DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW stars Victor Garber (“The Flash,” “Alias”); Brandon Routh (“Arrow,” “Superman Returns”); Arthur Darvill (“Doctor Who”); Caity Lotz (“Arrow”); Ciarra Renee (“Pippin”); Franz Drameh (“Edge of Tomorrow”); with Dominic Purcell (“The Flash,” “Prison Break”); and Wentworth Miller (“The Flash,” “Prison Break”).

Based on the characters from DC Comics, DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW is from Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, with executive producers Greg Berlanti (“The Flash,” upcoming “Pan”), Marc Guggenheim (“Eli Stone,” “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”), Andrew Kreisberg (“The Flash,” “Eli Stone,” “Warehouse 13”) and Sarah Schechter (“The Flash,” upcoming “Pan”).

Now with an official synopsis we can begin to see how all these characters will fit together. The time travel element obviously clears up a lot of the confusion that came from the spinoff's initial casting; namely, how a now-deceased Sara Lance will reprise her role as Black Canary. Having Hunter hop through time also explains how newcomers like Ciara Renée's Hawkgirl could enter the series as already established heroes.

The Flash TV Show Wally West Actor

What this news doesn't answer, however, is the identity of Franz Drameh's role. Potentially, he could be playing a brand new character created just for the series, but we theorized back when he was cast that Drameh could actually be Wally West a.k.a. the second Flash. The involvement of time travel only makes this all the more likely since Wally has yet to be established on The Flash - and if he's from the future, then he won't need to be.

What do you make of Legends of Tomorrow now that we know more? Are you excited to see such an eclectic team of heroes and villains working together? Who do you think Franz Drameh could be playing if he's not actually Wally West? Sound off in the comments below!

Legends of Tomorrow is expected to premiere on The CW in early 2016.

Source: The CW

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