Legends of Tomorrow Found Footage Invasion Promo Features Dominators

Legends of Tomorrow Invasion Crossover

The CW has become the central hub for the DC TV Universe, with four individual series all sharing a continuity via the "multiverse" and only FOX's Gotham representing the brand in a substantial way on another network. And next week those four shows -- Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow will cement that unity with a series-wide crossover involving the alien menace the Dominators.

So far the promos for the 'Invasion!' crossover have only teased the aliens, offering a few short shots of what the antagonists will look like, but not delving any deeper into their role in the storyline than to cause Barry to shout out that aliens have arrived in Central City. But a new promo for Legends of Tomorrow plans to take a different route in teasing the threat, by reminding viewers just how fascinated popular culture has been with the idea of extraterrestrials.

The clip, which takes the form of "found footage" ostensibly belonging to a military documentation archive, depicts what at first appears to be a conventional war scene seemingly taking place during World War II, but is quickly revealed to involve human soldiers battling forces being dispatched from an alien spaceship hovering overhead. Just before the video cuts out, a tall sharp-toothed alien likely representing the Dominators is shown approaching the camera and/or camera operator.

Arrow Flash Supergirl Legends of Tomorrow Villain Dominators

Whether the clip has been created exclusively to build hype online or if it represents part of the actual episode of Legends that will fit into the week-long 'Invasion!' crossover is unclear, though it would hardly be unprecedented for a scene set in the past to figure prominently in that series. Combining characters and concepts from multiple DC Universe comic series, Legends of Tomorrow features a group of heroes and adventurers who use time-travel technology to thwart attempts to alter history for nefarious purposes.

Also unclear is whether this is meant to indicate the Dominators have attacked Earth before, or if time travel (or the prevention thereof) will figure into the overall plot. It is, however, somewhat of a given that the events will involve a certain degree of inter-dimensional travel, as Supergirl will play a role in the four-night crossover despite her stories taking place in a different universe from the rest of the Arrowverse. The storyline will begin on Monday's episode of Supergirl before continuing on through Arrow, The Flash and concluding in Legends.

DCTV fans have been anticipating a crossover of this magnitude ever since a guest appearance from The Flash's Barry Allen established Supergirl as occupying a different dimension in the same continuity as the Arrowverse shows in its first season. Despite the migration to The CW, Supergirl has maintained its technical separation -- making Invasion the first time since that series has officially touched the others.

The ‘Invasion!’ crossover event begins Monday, November 28 with Supergirl @8pm on The CW, and continues with The Flash at the same time on Tuesday, Arrow on Wednesday, and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday.

Source: The CW

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