Legends of Tomorrow: Vixen Confirmed For Season 3

Legends of Tomorrow Compromized Vixen

Vixen is back for Season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow. Season 2 of the series ended on a startling cliffhanger, upsetting our heroes just as they were off to Aruba for a relaxing, much-needed vacation. The team's tampering with their own timelines led to the defeat of the Legion of Doom and disabling of the Spear of Destiny, but had an unexpected side effect of creating a 2017 reality filled with dinosaurs and other anachronisms plucked from the Legends' previous journeys.

Another time-related issue lurking for season 3 of Legends of Tomorrow is the destiny of Amaya Jiwe aka Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers). The season 2 finale left us with Amaya and Nate Heywood (Nick Zano) wanting to pursue a romantic relationship, but aware that the future depended on her returning to her own timeline. The season 3 synopsis made no mention of Vixen, seeming to indicate that she'd be back in 1942 sooner than later. It looks like the showrunners on LoT have decided to include Amaya in several upcoming storylines, however.

EW reports that Richardson-Sellers will be back as a series regular next season. The catastrophic meshing of timelines the Legends have created requires all hands on deck, so the Justice Society of America member will likely feel the need to stick around a little longer to help get reality back to normal.

Along with pivotal returns, executive producer Phil Klemmer promised new characters in season 3, and potential changes to the Waverider team. One of those new characters is Zari Adrianna Tomaz (Tala Ashe), a computer hacktivist that doesn't yet realize she has secret powers derived from the ancient amulet of the goddess Isis. Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), who left the team at the end of season 2, will now be the head of a newly formed "Time Bureau" that will clash with the Legends in season 3.

Vixen's inclusion in the season 3 poster also implies she'll still have a strong role on the team, but it's possible she may return to her own time partway through the season. Like Rip, that shift doesn't necessarily mean she'll be off the show. Legends of Tomorrow could also focus some storylines on Amaya in the 1940s, which would open up more opportunities to feature the Justice Society of America characters. The show did well in season 2 by changing up the mission and some of the characters from season 1, so it should be fun for viewers to see what new twists the series has in store this year.

Returning the week of October 9, Legends of Tomorrow season 3 and The Flash season 4 air Tuesday nights on The CW, with Supergirl season 3 airing on Monday nights and Arrow season 6 on Thursday nights.

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Source: EW

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