DC's Legends of Tomorrow Trailer: I Don't Just Burn, Pal

The CW has done an impressive job of building a shared DC Universe, starting with Arrow before launching The Flash last year. Currently in their fourth and second seasons respectively, the series have both introduced a number of classic DC Comics characters to their television universe -- heroes and villains alike. Leading into the second annual crossover, the roster of heroes is large enough to form their own version of the Justice League.

Spinning out of The Flash and Arrow is DC's Legends of Tomorrow, supposedly the final DC series to find its home on The CW. The series takes many of the supporting heroes (and villains) of the two previous shows and sends them on an adventure through time, trying to stop the immortal villain Vandal Savage. It looks to be an exciting new show, balancing between the lighthearted humor of The Flash and the more somber dramatic beats of Arrow.

The CW has released the second trailer for the upcoming series, which you can view at the top of the page. The video starts with glimpses of a dystopian future, followed by a few new shots of Casper Crump as Vandal Savage. The scene works to clarify the massive stakes in the series, something that was hinted at in the first official trailer. It's also confirmed that while Vandal Savage is the major villain, the temptation to alter history will prove to be too much for some team members, leading to potentially catastrophic consequences.

DC Legends of Tomorrow CW

The trailer shows off an impressive array of action sequences and special effects, easily dwarfing most anything that's been done in The Flash or ArrowLegends also has a more impressive scope, featuring a threat to the entire planet rather than just a single city. It feels like the logical progression of the previous series, the culmination of all of the world-building over the last few years. There's even a reference to Batman and Superman in the trailer, though that's likely the closest The CW will come to including them in their DC TV Universe.

Interestingly, at one point Franz Drameh's Jax, the new Firestorm, tells an unknown enemy "I don't just burn, pal." Since the character was first introduced, many have wondered if his power set would move beyond those of 'the burning man.' In the source material, Firestorm has the power to rearrange the atomic and subatomic structure of inorganic matter, changing them on an elemental level. For example, he can rearrange the atoms of something like copper and transmute it into Kryptonite. The inclusion of this line seems to indicate that The CW's Firestorm will finally align more with his comic book counterpart.

The Flash continues Tuesday, December 1st with “Legends of Today” at 8pm on The CW. Arrow continues Wednesday, December 2nd with “Legends of Yesterday” at 8pm on The CW. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is expected to premiere Thursday, January 21st, 2016 on The CW.

Source: The CW

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