Legends of Tomorrow Set Photo Teases Camelot 3000

DC's Camelot 3000

From the very beginning, DC's Legends of Tomorrow has never been afraid of adapting ambitious comic book storylines or creating technically complex episodes for its band of time travelers. At this point, it seems there won't be a single time or place in history or in the future that the superhero series won't have visited throughout its run. This is something made even more clear following last week's massive 4-part Heroes vs. Aliens crossover event.

Which is why it didn't come as much of a surprise when executive producer Marc Guggenheim recently revealed Legends of Tomorrow would be doing its own adaptation of DC Comics' iconic Camelot 3000 storyline. Following that announcement, production on the episode has officially begun, and we've just gotten our first set photo from it, teasing the problems that the Legends team may have to face when they're transported into this medieval setting.

Posted by actor Nick Zano, who plays Nate Heywood/Citizen Steel in Legends, the image shows Zano and Brandon Routh's Ray Palmer/The Atom in full medieval garb, surrounded on all sides by sword-bearing adversaries. Check it out for yourself below:

Snow, rain, mud and stunts

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In the comics, Camelot 3000 brought an interesting twist to typical medieval stories, imagining a world where the evil sorceress, Morgan le Fay, caused an alien invasion that sent Arthur, Merlin, and the rest of the Knights of the Roundtable into the future (year 3000) to try and stop her. There's no telling how closely the episode itself will be sticking to that comic book run, though, if it's le Fay's magic that sends them into the medieval setting, or if it's through some other kind of time aberration or issue. We don't even know for sure which of the characters from the comics will be making an appearance in the episode, and which won't be.

A lot of this depends on how deeply the Legends' creative team plans on exploring the storyline, and if this is going to be a one-episode arc, or just part one in an ongoing storyline throughout the season. Either way, like with many of the more ambitious Legends episodes, it should provide an interesting interpretation of a well-known story, which allows its main heroes to take the place of some of their comic book counterparts. Getting to see Ray and the other Legends team members dressed as knights or other medieval characters should provide more than enough room for thrills and fun along the way, especially since they'll be journeying into the American Revolutionary War in the episode immediately before.

Legends of Tomorrow continues Thursday, December 8 with ‘The Chicago Way’ at 8pm on The CW.

Source: Nick Zano

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