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Legends of Tomorrow is remixing time in a new promo video for the upcoming third season. The Legends seriously violated time travel rules by interacting with their past selves in order to save the world from the Legion of Doom at the end of season 2, which helped cause an extreme fracture of time itself. The heroes arrived back in present-day Los Angeles to see a significantly altered world with dinosaurs roaming the streets.

The third season is expected to take the series in even more delirious directions than the second, which explored various points in history as their own self-contained worlds. This time, history has been scattered all over the place and the Legends are left to fix their massive mistakes. A fresh promo for the new season, however, cheekily describes the sprawling rifts in time as a "remix".

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You can watch the new promo for season 3 above, via the official YouTube channel for The CW. There's another look at the previously revealed Julius Caesar popping up in Aruba, likely in the season premiere episode 'Aruba-con'. There's also what appears to be a confrontation with the Legends and Rip Hunter's newly formed Time Bureau, described as the Beverly Hills Police Dept. to the Legends' Axel Foley. The heroes lament that it could "take a lifetime" to clean up their mess, as the clip includes possible glimpses at their trips to Victorian London and other historic locales.

The show isn't just remixing time for season 3; the characters are getting a bit of an update as well. It's unclear who the main villain(s) will be, but a "different" Damien Darhk is expected to return after being brought back from his death in Arrow season 4 in a "fun" way. The former Legion of Doom member's daughter has also been cast, as has the mother of Ray Palmer. Perhaps most notable is the addition of Tala Ashe as Muslim superhero Zari Adrianna Tomaz, whose experiences in a dystopian future make her wonder if the Legends could actually "improve" history rather than just fix it.

The series' Doctor Who-style reinventions have led showrunners to describe new seasons as reboots that are "meant to feel like a fresh, crazy start". It doesn't get much crazier than dispersing different periods of history all over time, and it appears that those dinosaurs will only be the beginning of the chaos that's about to ensue. The presence of Hunter's Time Bureau will also add a new dynamic to the Legends' attempts to fix what they've broken, while the season's villains are expected to enrich the heroes' stories through their wild ventures back and forth through history. However season 3 turns out, it sure looks to be the show's wildest ride yet.

It may come as a concern that it's a bit unclear just who or what the villains of season 3 will be. The Legends appear to be quite preoccupied with restoring time to a normal state, and the hope is that the quality of the new season isn't reflected in history's shattered, messy confluence. Legends of Tomorrow improved greatly upon its bloated, uneven first season by playing to its strengths and trimming the fat, but it remains to be seen whether the blasting of time into total disarray will push the series even further in that same positive direction.

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Legends of Tomorrow season 3 premieres Oct. 10 on The CW.

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