Legends of Tomorrow Season 3: First Poster Revealed

This week may have seen the Arrowverse wrap up for the summer, but Legends of Tomorrow is already teasing season 3 with a new poster. The season finale saw the team finally defeat the evil Legion of Doom, but it also ended with the team taking some seriously big risks. They met their former selves by returning to a point in the timeline that they had already visited, and the result was a slaughter -- leaving only one version of each team member standing.

Their actions did more than provide viewers with a bloodbath of a finale, though. It ended with the timeline absolutely ravaged, with people, animals and objects mixed into the wrong time periods to create a particularly bizarre version of Earth. The synopsis for season 3 revealed that Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) is going to be forming an organization known as the Time Bureau to try and deal with this, but the Legends are going to have a part to play, too -- and now we've got the first look at the team in season 3.

Earlier today, star Brandon Routh (who plays Ray Palmer/ATOM) tweeted a photo of the first poster for the upcoming third season of the show. The poster uses the same vivid colors as previous artwork, and features the entire team standing together in a 'V' shape, with Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) at the point. Routh captioned the tweet "New art for @TheCW_Legends #Season3! #LegendsOfTomorrow"

New art for @TheCW_Legends #Season3! #LegendsOfTomorrow

— Brandon Routh (@BrandonJRouth) May 25, 2017

It's particularly interesting that the poster includes Amaya/Vixen (Maisie Richardson-Sellers), as this character wasn't mentioned in the official synopsis for season 3. It's likely that Amaya will be leaving the team this season, in order to return to her own time and fulfill her destiny (which will lead to the birth of the other Vixen in the series). It's also probable that the team will pick up a new member somewhere along the way, as the cast is rotating, and several changes were made between the first and second season.

The poster is very similar to the artwork for previous seasons, which suggests that there aren't going to be any major shifts in the style or tone of the show in season 3. Having Sara in the point position also indicates that she is going to remain Captain of the Waverider, and leader of the team for the upcoming season. It certainly seems that the show is going to keep building on its strengths, and providing a very different kind of superhero show for another year.

Legends of Tomorrow season 3 and The Flash season 4 air Tuesday nights this fall on The CW, with Supergirl season 3 airing on Monday nights and Arrow season 6 on Thursday nights.

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Source: Brandon Routh

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