Ray Palmer is Intrigued By Magic in Legends of Tomorrow Season 3

Maisie Richardson-Sellers Brandon Routh and Matt Ryan Legends of Tomorrow

Though he's a man of science, Brandon Routh thinks that Legends of Tomorrow's Ray Palmer is probably more intrigued by magic than frustrated by it. The Arrowverse's time-traveling team series has seen an influx of magic and supernatural elements in season 3, especially with the totems being used by Vixen, Kuasa, and Zari, and with the upcoming arrival of John Constantine, which gives certain science-minded characters a chance to delve into an area they may not have a lot of experience with.

Given that Ray's claim to fame is building the A.T.O.M. suit and developing all of its bells and whistles, not to mention the time he and Felicity Smoak tried to help Star City through the innovations cooked up at Palmer Technologies, it's no surprise to think he might be a little taken aback by the supernatural side of things. But, according to Routh, Ray's sunny disposition and his natural curiosity means this Legend is more interested in knowing how the magic works than anything.

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Routh spoke about Ray Palmer and the eventual arrival of John Constantine during a Legends of Tomorrow set visit, where he offered up his take on the magic that's been seen in season 3. Routh said:

"I think Ray [is] intrigued by it. He was in love with Camelot and that kind of thing growing up. His excitement level would be very high in that area and he would work to figure out how that works. I think Ray is okay not knowing how things work. He would work to figure it out, but he'd also not be frustrated as much as enticed and excited that he doesn't know the answer. That's what drives him is not knowing the answer and not being frustrated."

Routh also discussed what the thinks of Matt Ryan stopping by to once again assume the role of the infamous John Constantine.

"He brings a cool element to the show and our season thus far has been heavily influenced by the supernatural and by magic, so it's very appropriate to have him there. He brings a crucial storyline forward and plays an integral role in the episode and kind of us moving forward and helping Ray with some motivation or information that really propels the second half of the season forward. So it's cool."

Overall, Routh seems to like the role magic and the supernatural are playing in Legends of Tomorrow season 3, saying, "It's pretty cool to be able to mix the different mediums. It makes the world bigger and broader." With the freedom that Legends of Tomorrow has in terms of where its stories can go and just how crazy they can get, mixing in a bit of the supernatural seems to work much better here than it did in Arrow season 4.

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Legends of Tomorrow continues next Tuesday with 'Beebo the God of War' @9pm on The CW.

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