Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Finale Includes Laurel & J.R.R. Tolkien

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While DC's film output has been met with a rocky reception by fans, their TV arm is doing pretty well thanks in large part to the ever-growing Arrowverse on The CW. What started with a gritty take on the Green Arrow, now includes The FlashSupergirl, and the time-traveling Legends of Tomorrow. While the shows may soon be joined by Black Lightning, the writers and producers still have plenty of stories to tell across their four series. While Arrow mixes it up with magic, Supergirl fights aliens and extradimensional pranksters, and the Flash traverses the Multiverse, even as the Legends spend much of their time going on various adventures throughout history.

So far, they've fought Confederate zombies, outrun dinosaurs, and faced the Legion of Doom. The Legion themselves have even had to contend with the threat of the Black Flash, who will surely be causing all the heroes trouble in the future. The Legends will next find themselves among the Knights of the Roundtable in "Camelot/3000". We've already seen a trailer and a number of photos for the episode based on the future-set comic. Following that journey, the Legends will eventually head towards a clash with the Legion that's likely to close out the season.

Thanks to producer Marc Guggenheim, we now have a look at the cast for the season finale, titled "Aruba." Check it out below.

Legends of Tomorrow's season finale enters its last week of production today.

— Marc Guggenheim (@mguggenheim) February 21, 2017

The episode, which will finish filming today, features all of the returning Legends, plus the trio of villains that make up the Legion. The rogues will also be aided by Captain Cold, who is finally set to appear after being teased for months. The more exciting part of the cast sheet is the two other new additions to the show. The first will be Laurel Lance, who died last season on Arrow. That death has been particularly hard on Sara, who was absent for the event. She's been grappling with how to cope and trying to not mess with history to save her sister. Hopefully, their interaction will prove cathartic. It may even bring Laurel back into the fold of the Arrowverse.

The other exciting casting is that of Jack Turner as J.R.R. Tolkien. The Legends have had a lot of fun with historical figures so far, and their ode to George Lucas recently served as one of the show's best episodes. Now it looks as if they'll be trying a similar feat with the godfather of nerds and author of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Let's hope for similarly fun and hilarious results.

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Legends of Tomorrow continues tonight with ‘Camelot/3000’ at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Source: Marc Guggenheim

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