Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Finale Breaks a Major Rule

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Legends of Tomorrow is about to wrap up its sophomore season with a universe-altering final two episodes, since the Legion of Doom finally got hold of the Spear of Destiny -- breaking up the team in the process. In next week's 'Doomworld', the Legion have altered reality to put themselves in charge, leading to all kinds of changes to the universe.

That has led to some questions about what this upcoming finale will entail. As it turns out, the show's executive producer isn't offering specific details, but he has offered a hint as to what the team will have to do to save the day.

Speaking to EW, Marc Guggenheim alluded to the lengths the team would have to go to in order to defeat the Legion, including doing something that they said they wouldn't.

"We’re going to do the one thing on the show we said we would never do [on the season ender]. Without spoiling too much, clearly they’re going to have to do something very significant and break a major rule in order to fix things."

Rip Hunter in Doomworld on Legends of Tomorrow

It's not entirely clear whether Guggenheim means that the writers are going to do something that they said they would never do, or whether it is the team who will be breaking the major rule -- although it could well be both. This season has already established that the Spear re-writes reality itself, and so going back in time (the Legend's go-to move) won't be enough to fix it. The one thing that could destroy the Spear, the Blood of Christ, has also been lost on a battlefield in France, so it may be impossible for the Legends to use it.

This opens up a range of new possibilities, however. In last week's 'The Fellowship of the Spear', it was learned that the Legends cannot go back in time to the life of Jesus Christ, because it is too important to the timeline -- even the smallest alteration may have massive consequences for the universe. However, with the Legion using the Spear, it seems this may be a risk that the team has to take. Writing a storyline including a religious figure like Jesus may well be something that the creators had originally decided to steer clear of because of potential controversy.

Another, less appealing major rule to break would be a total re-set. It's not clear if time travel in this universe works in a way that would allow the team to go back and essentially wipe their own timeline, but the series has been known to play a little fast and loose with the rules of time travel already, so it's certainly possible. It has also previously been heard that Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) will appear in the finale, so perhaps she has something to do with the rule-breaking nature of the final twist? Viewers will just have to wait and see.

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Legends of Tomorrow continues Tuesday, March 28 with ‘Doomworld’ at 9 pm on The CW.

Source: EW

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