Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Finale Redefines the Team

Legends of Tomorrow EP Phil Klemmer promises a finale that will redefine the team and have an impact well into season 3.

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Legends of Tomorrow season 2 comes to a close this week with 'Aruba', a season finale that promises to be absolutely epic. This episode will follow the Legends as they find their way out of Doomworld and back in time to World War 1 and the moment that they lost the Spear of Destiny (and the Blood of Christ that they need to destroy it). The big issue with this plan is that it breaks one of the fundamental rules of time travel, and brings the Legends into contact with their former selves.

It's not too surprising, then, that this finale is going to have an impact that is felt for some time to come. We already know that there are going to be some new characters appearing in season 3, and that at least one Legend may already be (permanently) dead, but this rule-breaking plan is sure to change a lot more than just the team roster going forward. Now, we can confirm that after 'Aruba', the Legends are never going to be the same again.

In an interview with EW, Legends executive producer Phil Klemmer spoke about the finale, and how it will "redefine" the team going forward:

"Well, it’ll take at least another season to try to, if not fix, mitigate some of the destruction that we inflict on the universe in the finale. I just know, as a viewer, I would hate people if they made it too easy. It’s been 33 episodes of us being like, “You can’t do that, you can’t push that button,” so if it were too easy to undo the cataclysm, I would be like, “Oh, come on!” It’s not resolved this season. It basically is the propulsion that will take us into season 3. It will redefine our Legends, who they are and what they do, which is great because it’s always good to make them responsible for the mess. Our Legends provide the best part of the show, which is us trying to clean up our own messes. We make our ultimate mess in Tuesday’s episode."

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Klemmer also spoke about how the team will physically change after the season 2 finale, promising a whole lot of death for the Legends this week:

"There will be so many deaths! It’s just nothing but death. It’s a wall-to-wall carnage. It’s a meat grinder. It’s more people that I’ve probably killed in my entire television career. It’s ridiculous."

Despite the promise of "wall-to-wall carnage", there are a few characters that will presumably survive; Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) who needs to return to his timeline to be part of the past in The Flash, and Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) who needs to do the same in Arrow. Beyond that, however, anyone could be on the chopping block -- and the promise of a rotating cast suggests that there is going to be at least one major loss on the show this week. With two sets of Legends, however, some characters could die and then still reappear next season, which makes the carnage a little more interesting.

It's difficult to speculate on exactly how the finale is going to impact the team going forward, but it certainly sounds like this is going to be a major Arrowverse event, and something that could impact several of the shows in the future.

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Legends of Tomorrow season 2 concludes Tuesday, April 4 with ‘Aruba’ at 8pm on The CW.

Source: EW

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