Legends of Tomorrow: 14 Characters We Want To See In Season 2

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Legends Of Tomorrow has already proven in its first season that it's a very different kind of DC Comics show. As a showcase for the "lesser" members of The CW shows, it also allows for the addition of new characters that might not get introduced into series like Arrow or Flash.

At the end of Season 1, a few key players were lost, as (SPOILER ALERT) Captain Cold was killed and both Hawkman and Hawkgirl left the team to live their lives. But the arrival of Rex Tyler, aka Hourman, and the name drop of the Justice Society of America showed that this series has a lot more surprises up its sleeve.

With nearly the entire JSA open to potentially drop in and join the Legends team for Season 2, and plenty of Arrow and Flash characters available for recruitment, it's no wonder fans are already picking their favorites as to who will make their way onto the team in its sophomore season. Now, we add our most wanted characters to the list.

To be clear, our list, with only one exception, is either tied to the JSA in the comics or is an established character in the Arrowverse. Also, a recent report has revealed that while Vixen will be joining the fun in Season 2, the role will be recast due to a scheduling issue. Since she's already been confirmed, she's been excluded from our take on the 14 Characters We Want To See In Season 2 Of Legends Of Tomorrow.

SPOILERS lie ahead for the entire past season of the Arrowverse. You have been warned.

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Thom Kallor as Starman in DC Comics
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14 Thom Kallor

Thom Kallor as Starman in DC Comics

A man of many names, including Starman, Thom Kallor has been a part of numerous super teams, including the Justice Society of America and the Legion of Superheroes. The latter has been teased in Supergirl, which recently left CBS to air its second season as a part of The CW's ever-expanding Arrowverse.

Why Thom could work is simple: he has the ability to send people to alternate dimensions via his suit, which is actually a map of the Multiverse, a concept that was explored to great extent in season 2 of The Flash. This power could easily tie into the storyline for the sophomore year of Legends.

Even if they went with his non-reality transporting powers, Thom Kallor would be a tremendous character to show in battle, as he has the ability to alter the mass and density of a person. Either way, this JSA veteran could be a lot of fun to have around.

13 Booster Gold

Booster Gold from DC Comics

This is the sole exclusion from the parameters we named above, but with good reason. Booster Gold has been a widely rumored character for both the Arrowverse and the DCEU for a while now. DC head Geoff Johns has been teasing him for years, and while he apparently has a movie in the works, we'd love to see him on the small screen as well.

In fact, when Patrick Adams, who will play Hourman in Legends of Tomorrow, was announced to be coming to LoT, it was widely believed that he was going to be Booster Gold. Mainly because Booster is a time traveler himself, and thus would likely know Rip Hunter in one form or another. Rip and Booster have interacted in the comics numerous times, even helping fake Booster's death at one point so that they could save the world. They even had an episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold where the two met and basically tried to one-up each other in their time travel credentials.

Like Thom Kallor, Booster could easily serve as an indication as to what is going to what in the future of Legends of Tomorrow should it continue. And even though the character could be crashing into the DCEU in the very near future, we're still holding out hope.

12 Black Canary

Laurel Lance as the Black Canary in Arrow

While she wasn't the most popular character, there is a fraction of Arrowverse fans who hate the fact that Laurel Lance, aka Black Canary, is dead, especially considering that Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim confirmed that this will be a permanent death. However, since this series does revolve around time travel, they could bring her back like they're going to do with Captain Cold in Season 02.

Not everyone would be on board with a return from Laurel, but with a greater sense of closure, producers could finally close the door on her for good. Also, this could be a good storyline for her sister Sara, who was rocked by the reveal that Laurel had died while she was trying to save the world from Vandal Savage in Season 1. Giving her a chance to truly say goodbye would be a very powerful moment if done tastefully.

While this isn't exactly a likely scenario, anything is possible as far as Legends Of Tomorrow is concerned.

11 Jesse Quick

Jesse Quick in DC Comics

Another addition that would take some explanation, but one that was teased, is Jesse Quick. A longtime member of the Justice Society of America, many fans were elated to see her pop up in Flash as the daughter of Harrison Wells from Earth-2. In fact, he noted that her "nickname" was Jesse Quick. For she was a genius in every way, like her father, and was able to solve problems with abnormal speed and precision.

In the Flash season 2 finale, when Wells attempted to give Flash back his powers, Jesse was hit with a modified burst of the original Particle Accelerator explosion. After getting hit, she was put into a coma along with the man at her side, Wally West, though both have since recovered. Could the number of speedsters be on the rise?

Jesse later got herself tested as she believed she was a metahuman, but we never found out the results of that test. Currently, Jesse is back on Earth-2 with her father. But multiverse-hopping is always a possibility. And in the comic, Jesse's powers are connected to the Speed Force, which means she could break the dimensional barrier like Flash or Zoom did. This one is very much in play.

10 Power Girl

The Flash Multiverse Kara Power Girl

With the arrival of The Girl of Steel on the CW, and the confirmation that she is on another universe's Earth, the potential for Kryptonians to exist in the main Arrowverse is still up in the air. Supergirl will be starring in her own series of course (with an appearance from her cousin on the horizon), but could another Kryptonian join the fun?

Power Girl has a rather convoluted continuity. Depending on which continuity you adhere to, she's either a clone of Supergirl, a cousin or daughter to Superman, or another Supergirl from another Earth who adopts the Power Girl persona. Either way, she's her own character, and has quite a fan base thanks to the excellent work of writers like Jimmy Palmiotti.

Now, given that we know Hourman comes from the future, this could be the explanation for why Power Girl isn't on Earth yet -- she doesn't "arrive" until later on. And as stated, she could be the first Kryptonian we meet in the main Earth of the Arrowverse, without having to go deep into the questions about Superman and Supergirl.

Furthermore, as a Kryptonian, her strength, speed, and super senses would be an asset to the JSA (of which she's been a member in the past) and the Legends team. Then, should Supergirl crossover into Legends at any point, a fun interaction is just waiting to be had.

9 S.T.R.I.P.E/Pat Dugan

S.T.R.I.P.E. from DC Comics

A key member of the JSA in some ways, Pat Dugan was a sidekick for the original Star-Spangled kid in WWII, then a mechanic, and then a mechanical hero thanks to his S.T.R.I.P.E. robot armor. While technically a "lesser" member of the JSA -- as he was at first relegated to support duties -- that could actually play out well for Legends of Tomorrow.

If we meet the JSA in any grand fashion, they'll likely have a base of operations, and Pat could easily be in charge of maintaining the gear with his mechanical know how and offering tech support where he can. Then, should the Legends team show up, he could be inspired by Ray Palmer and his A.T.O.M. suit, and decide to go and build his S.T.R.I.P.E. armor, potentially lending a hand in a battle later on.

Finally, his arc could focus around another JSA member, one he's very attached to...

8 Stargirl

Courtney Whitmore as Stargirl in DC Comics

Easily one of the most well known members of the JSA, Stargirl has been a fixture in the comics, and was even in Smallville as one of the key members of that universe's JSA. So, it'd be easy for her to fit into the JSA of the Arrowverse, maybe even as younger and more naive hero than the one we met in Smallville.

Courtney Whitmore is in fact the stepdaughter to Pat Dugan. She became Stargirl as a ploy to annoy him, as she didn't like that he married her mother. However, after showing proficiency at being a hero, he allowed her to continue on, and even built the S.T.R.I.P.E. suit to help protect her whenever he could.

Stargirl is best known for her weapon of choice, the Cosmic Staff, one of the most powerful objects in the DC Universe. The staff gives her special powers including flight and energy manipulation, something that could be a lot of fun to see on Legends of Tomorrow. And, as possibly one of the youngest members of the team, she could provide a lot of energy and hope, something the team sometimes lacks.

7 Jakeem Thunder

Jakeem Thunder from DC Comics

A more curious member of the JSA, but one that speaks to the diversity of DC Comics, Jakeem Thunder is the wielder of the genie known as Thunderbolt. His powers are far from ordinary, and thus perfect for a show like Legends of Tomorrow.

Jakeem is actually the second user of the genie, with the first being Johnny Thunderbolt, something that could be brought up to flesh out the history of the JSA. When Johnny began having trouble controlling the genie due to mental issues, he put the genie in a pen, which was later given unknowingly to Jakeem, who accidentally used it and bonded with Thunderbolt.

As the wielder of an extraordinary power, Jakeem can have almost any wish granted by the genie, although there have been restrictions put on it over time, and consequences because of "literal wishing." This could be a source of more than a few laughs in the second season of LOT.

6 Katana

Rila Fukushima as Katana in Arrow

While Arrow season 3 is reviled by many fans, one addition that mostagree was amazing was the arrival of Tatsu Yamashiro, aka Katana, played by Rila Fukushima.

Though her transformation took time, when she did become the legendary DC warrior, it was a sight to behold -- she even killed her husband in order to save Star City. To add to her legend, she returned in Arrow season 4 during a key arc, and dueled Nyssa Al Ghul to a standstill, thus demonstrating her proficiency in swordplay.

As she is currently not in any arc on either show, it would be very easy for Rip to go and "pick her up" in the Wave Rider. Her blunt personality would be a fun addition to the cast, as would be her brutal fighting style, something that would appeal to some characters, like Sara Lance and Mick Rory, while slightly appalling others, like Martin Stein and Ray Palmer.

Now true, Katana is in the upcoming Suicide Squad, and it's because of that movie (and the other DCEU films) that the Arrowverse has certain restrictions on characters. But she did appear in season 4, well after the movie was announced, and, as season 02 of Legends will come out well after the film has its run in theaters, this might give them some leeway to bring her back for a brief run -- one we'd be very on board with.

5 Sandman

Sandman DC Comics

Not to be confused with the god Morpheus or the Spider-Man villain, Sandman is easily one of the most iconic members of the JSA. And he's also one of the oldest superheroes ever (he made his debut in 1939).

Furthermore, what separates Sandman from many characters in the JSA is that he technically doesn't have superpowers. Rather, he uses his brilliant mind, detective skills, and various gas bombs and gas gun to take down foes or solve mysteries. It's because of this technique that he wears his iconic gas mask into battle.

That's not to say he can't handle himself in a fight, as Sandman is a superb athlete, and a master of hand-to-hand combat. In many ways, he is the JSA version of Batman. He also has prophetic dreams, a talent that could help the JSA and Legends teams and be a legitimate driving force behind the plot of season 2. Sandman was shown in the Smallville JSA, but was quickly killed off after donning his gas mask. Here, we could get a true introduction to the character, one that would truly be worth exploring.

4 Arsenal

Colton Haynes as Arsenal in Arrow

Of the Arrowverse characters, just about all fans want Roy Harper to return in a permanent way. He's on the run and he can't reveal his true identity, so why not travel with Rip Hunter and be a hero again without the worries of Star City?

This notion was truly solidified in Arrow season 4, when Roy was forced out of retirement by the Calculator. After being freed by Arrow and Felicity, Roy suited up once again to help stop the villain's destructive plot, at which point he revealed how much he truly misses the hero business.

Legends of Tomorrow could be an outstanding platform for this character, as this would truly be his only way for him to be Arsenal again. It would make for a very compelling storyline, as each season could bring with it the fear that the "ride" is over for Roy. In many ways, this could be the CW's way of dealing with the infamous addiction storyline Roy went through in the comics. This time subbing crack for the action of being a hero.

Either way, having an archer on the Legends Team seems like a natural fit.

3 Dr. Mid-Nite

Dr. Mid-Nite in DC Comics

Another iconic JSA character, Dr. Mid-Nite has taken several forms and incarnations over the years, but he's best known as a staple of the JSA -- and his abilities and skills are not to be frowned upon.

Ironically, Dr. Mid-Nite is the first superhero to have a physical malady, in that he cannot see in daylight. However, this illness has given him the ability to see in the dark, a useful ability when you're fighting crime. Thus, he adopted the moniker Dr. Mid-Nite.

Mid-Nite is a skilled surgeon, and he'd be a huge asset to the team in the midst of (and after) a battle. Also, like Sandman, he possesses a brilliant mind, even creating special "blackout bombs" so that he can manipulate the environment to better suit his skills. He could easily be the thinker of the JSA, comparable to Ray Palmer and Martin Stein, and assist the team either in the field or the lab.

Dr. Mid-Nite has been on every Justice Society of America team -- to not include him here would be an absolute crime.

2 2 Jay Garrick

Flash Jay Garrick Suit

For much of Flash season 2, the question on many peoples minds was "Who is Jay Garrick?" At first, he appeared to be the Flash of Earth-2, but one who'd lost his speed. Then, it was revealed that "Jay" was actually Zoom, the villain of season 2.

By the end of the season, the truth was revealed. The true Jay Garrick was actually a prisoner of Zoom/the Flash of Earth-3, and he happened to be the doppleganger of Barry Allen's recently deceased father. Not so ironically, Jay Garrick is yet another iconic member of the JSA.

In fact, Garrick was the first Flash, even before Barry Allen was created. The reason Garrick is on this list is simple: aside from the JSA connection, both the showrunners of Flash and Shipp himself have stated that Garrick's future is open to possibilities. And currently, he's only on Earth-2 and has not made it home yet. So it stands to reason that should something happen in the future, he could've jumped back to Earth-1 and joined the JSA.

1 Constantine

Matt Ryan is Constantine in Arrow Season 4 Episode 5

Of all the characters on this list, you could argue that no fan desire compares to having this man on the team. The man who was forcibly cancelled and almost faded from TV history: John bloody Constantine.

As the first true magic user to get his own show, via NBC, hopes were high for the Constantine series. Yet, despite pulling somewhat consistent numbers, NBC did not renew the series past the initial 13 episode order. Then, after being shopped around on various networks -- including The CW -- the show did not get picked up. A saving grace came in the form of Arrow, for John Constantine made a guest appearance on the series, cementing him in the Arrowverse, and thus allowing him to come back if the writers are able to work him in. In fact, Constantine was name dropped several times after his debut in Arrow, as if to remind fans he was still around.

Now, you could argue as to why Constantine would join the Legends team, as he's not much of a team player. But that was the same question surrounding Captain Cold and Heat Wave, and those two worked out extremely well. Also, being a pure magic user, his role and powers set would be very unique. Not to mention his personality will likely cause a ton of tension, which is what great shows are made of.

Actor Matt Ryan has said he would welcome any opportunity to portray Constantine again, and Legends of Tomorrow could give him, and fans, the lifeline he so deserves. Here's hoping the rumors from last year actually hold true.


Who do you want to see join the fun in season 2? Let us know in the comments.

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