Legends Of Tomorrow Trailer & Images: Ray Palmer Meets His Younger Self

Next week's Legends of Tomorrow will see Ray attempt to save his younger self from a Dominator. The most recent episode finally brought aboard new hero Zari Tomaz while also properly introducing Kuasa. Thanks to Zari's Air Totem, Kuasa is in the prowl for the future hacktivist. And considering Kuasa's death on Vixen only gave her more power, she'll present the team with a dangerous new adversary. But even before her return, the Legends will have another problem to contend with.

After this week's adventure was wrapped up, the episode cut to Ivy Town in 1988. Not only is the city where Oliver and Felicity went to live a normal life on Arrow awhile back, but it's where Ray Palmer is from. In an homage to E.T., we saw a young kid chased by a group of bullies on bikes. When the kid hid in a storm drain, a mysterious creature appeared. Even more intriguing, but the youngster introduced himself as Ray Palmer. Next week, the Legends will need to save young Ray from what was lurking in the shadows.

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The CW released the promo for next week's Legends of Tomorrow, 'Phone Home'. Along with the title, the general vibe will borrow heavily from E.T. with its focus on a quaint town in the '80s celebrating Halloween. Plus, the young Ray will meet his very own alien friend. But as the end of the clip shows, the creature is actually a Dominator. Along with the promo, new images from the episode were also released, showing the Atom encountering his younger self.

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It looks like Zari will be jumping right into the action when the team goes to help young Ray, and the kid will even meet the superhero he'll one day become. Legends of Tomorrow has repeatedly brought together different versions of the characters, further adding to the ways in which the team constantly messes with time. But given that things are out of whack, it looks like saving young Ray will actually help fix another one of their mistakes.

The E.T. nods will ensure even more pop culture references than a normal Legends of Tomorrow episode. We'll also get to see another side of the Dominators, whom the Legends last encountered in the previous Arrowverse crossover. We saw the race on an episode of Supergirl last season selling slaves, so they certainly aren't a sympathetic group. Perhaps this younger alien, however, will show nurture can beat out nature.

The big bads of the season have yet to arrive, but we know a new version of the Legion of Doom is coming. The team has fought Kuasa and heard of Mallus, but Damien Darhk and Gorilla Grodd are still on their way. Whether their clean-up missions will wrap up soon in favor of the Legion storyline is unknown, but they're certainly fun while they last.

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Legends of Tomorrow continues next Tuesday at 9pm with 'Phone Home' on The CW.

Source: The CW

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