Calling All Legends: The 10 Most Powerful Heroes To Ever Appear On Legends Of Tomorrow

The Legends have been a revolving door of strange and unlikely heroes since the beginning of Legends of Tomorrow. In the past four seasons, the team has recruited immortal beings, magical creatures, historical figures, warlocks and witches, and familiar Arrowverse heroes. Time after time, the ever-changing roster of teammates and episodic friends have managed to take down the worst of supervillains.

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Many allies played a role in the Legends' climactic battles and adventures throughout history - with many destined to appear in the future as the show gears up for a history-making season five. However, only a few of the Legends' heroes have shown exceptional power and potential.

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10 John Constantine

John Constantine was a reluctant addition to the team but he quickly became one of its most valuable members. Constantine's familiarity with fighting demons and magical creatures imprisoned in Hell saved the Legends' lives a still-growing number of times. When he was removed from the timeline, almost all of the Legends were easily dispatched by either the Unicorn or the Fairy Godmother.

He also managed to rescue Ray's soul from Hell, and his old rivalry with Neron helped the Legends bring down the demon. His magic and knowledge have made the Legends' adventures easier albeit not less complicated.

9 Amaya Jiwe

Legends of Tomorrow Camelot 3000 Amaya

Amaya Jiwe, also known as Vixen, was an invaluable teammate in the Legends' early adventures of fixing time aberrations. Her totem allowed her to channel the power of any animal. This often made Vixen a major brute force on the team, although her powers went far beyond superhuman strength.

She can communicate with all sorts of animals, even dinosaurs. She harnessed the spirits of animals for a wide range of abilities, including night vision, breathing underwater, and crawling up walls. Even without her totem, Amaya proved to be a skilled warrior who could hold her own in a fight. During her tenure with the Legends, Amaya was the team's power player.

8 Firestorm

Legends of Tomorrow Firestorm

Firestorm was the most formidable of the original Legends and only became more powerful as the series progressed. Firestorm's energy blasts and flight were often crucial weapons in early fights. Although Jax and Dr. Stein's combined pyrokinetic powers were already a game-changer in battle, they gradually increased their abilities.

Firestorm was able to absorb the blast from Vandal Savage's nuclear warhead and transmute matter into different harmless substances. Jax and Dr. Stein were a powerhouse who could easily solve problems that would be life-threatening for any other Legend.

7 Nora Darhk

Nora Darhk started as a major villain alongside the demon Mallus and her father Damien Darhk, but she evolved into a highly skilled member of the Legends. She has a talent for magic in the same class as John Constantine. After Ray brought her into the Legends, she saved Constantine's life when he was attacked by a life-sucking Shtriga.

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Nora also proved a valuable ally against Neron, as she already had experience with demons. She and Constantine almost manage to destroy Neron during a delicate ritual. When Neron took over, Nora accepted the greater powers of a fairy godmother to assist the Legends, which allowed her to travel to Hell and help Constantine free Ray's soul.

6 Stargirl

Stargirl Legends of Tomorrow

The Legends' encounter with the Justice Society of America brought them against elite superheroes, and Stargirl was the most elite among them. Her staff allowed her to manipulate energy and fly, which made her unstoppable in a fight. An energy blast from her staff brought down Firestorm, the most powerful of the Legends at the time.

Later, the Justice Society hid the pieces of the Spear of Destiny throughout time. Stargirl hid out in Camelot, where she became known as Merlin. She served as King Arthur's magical advisor, choosing to stay behind in Camelot when she turned over her spear piece to the Legends and live out her own legend as Merlin.

5 Elvis Presley

The Legends have recruited many historical figures as allies, but none as powerful as Elvis Presley. Elvis was an unwitting wielder of the Death Totem, making him a necromancer. His music, recorded using a guitar possessing the Death Totem, raised the spirits of the dead to wreak havoc upon the town.

Although he was unaware of the totem's powers, he was immediately able to play a melody that would banish the spirit. His connection with the Death Totem allowed him to perform a song that soothed the rest of the spirits and led them to the afterlife. He was able to single-handedly manage a ghostly problem that the Legends struggled to solve.

4 Zari Tomaz

Zari Tomaz plays a versatile role for the Legends, working as a totem-wielding vigilante, resident computer expert, and advisor on the future. Zari hails from a dystopian future, where she formed part of a resistance group against ARGUS. After her brother's demise, she took up the mantle of the Air Totem, giving her the ability to control the air.

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Though she has rarely pushed her powers to their full extent, she has used the totem to generate air blasts, create shields, fly, and remove the oxygen from a person's lungs. Zari is also a genius-level hacker, which has allowed the Legends to get around every technological obstacle they have faced since Zari's arrival.

3 Obsidian

Legends of Tomorrow Obsidian

Obsidian received little screen time during the Legends' encounters with the Justice Society of America, but he showed off abilities that could turn the tide of a battle. He was a meta-human who could control shadows, a decided tactical advantage. Obsidian was able to dematerialize himself into a shadow, cast darkness over an area, and even manipulate shadow into ropes and tentacles.

When he fought the Legends, he plunged the battle into darkness, disappeared and reappeared, before subduing his opponents with shadow rope. Even as an old man, he was able to harness his full powers and stand in the way of Damien Darhk.

2 Charlie

Charlie is a magical creature marked for banishment to Hell, but she persuaded the Legends to spare her life and then joined the team to avoid imprisonment. Her shapeshifting abilities were a crucial part of several successful missions, as she went undercover by usurping fake identities like Richard Nixon and Marilyn Monroe.

Charlie can also recover from life-threatening injuries by shapeshifting, though Constantine's block on her powers occasionally prevents her from accessing her full abilities. When Constantine changed the timeline, Charlie pieced the original timeline back together with little help, mostly relying on her shapeshifting and skill with deception and manipulation.

1 Beebo

Legends of Tomorrow Beebo

Beebo was the hero the Legends needed to finally defeat Mallus. The giant, angry toy was created as an avatar of the unified Totems of Zambesi, allowing the Legends to fight the demon Mallus as a single cuddly puppet creature. After encountering Beebo as an anachronism in the Viking era, Nate Heywood pictured Beebo when told to focus on something pure to conjure the avatar.

Beebo battled with Mallus and crushed the demon under its voluminous fluff, destroying Mallus once and for all. The Beebo avatar wielded cosmic power beyond any individual hero, making Beebo possibly the most powerful hero to ever fight for the Legends.

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