Legends of Tomorrow Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

The DC Comics characters from Legends Of Tomorrow each span across the various Hogwarts Houses from Harry Potter, but who goes where when sorted?

The Legends of Tomorrow has had a diverse team throughout its four series. The members of the Legends are usually outcasts, villains, scoundrels, or people who just don't fit in anywhere else. They are all incredibly powered though and heroes at heart.

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While the team has evolved quite a lot since the show has started we've taken 10 characters newer viewers would be familiar with. We'd love to know which Hogwarts houses these Legends belong to, so here's a breakdown for each significant character.


Sara Lance is the captain of the Waverider. Despite her heroic deeds and strong leadership skills, she has a bit of a dark past. Sara was first introduced to us as the woman who joined Oliver on the sinking ship, despite her sister being his partner at the time.

She has since joined the League of Assassins, been revived through the Lazarus Pit, suffered with bloodlust, joined the Legends and made a number of decisions that puts her firmly in Slytherin house. She is incredibly intelligent, fierce and loyal though, traits of other houses but still part of the Slytherin group.


Ray Palmer is pretty much a nerd. When we first met him he was introduced as one of the most intelligent characters in the Arrowverse, which immediately makes us think he is a Ravenclaw. Across the Legends series, he has often resorted to science to solve problems.

His actual superhero costume is designed by him with the use of technology and science. Even his powers are the result of his massive brain. He can sometimes be a little socially awkward like any Ravenclaw but he's a great asset to have on the team.


Constantine, much like Sara was for Gryffindor, was almost considered to be a part of the Slytherin house. However, there's one thing that defines him compared to everyone else. Sure he's brave, reckless and ambitious like any Gryffindor or Slytherin.

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The way he mourned the loss of a young girl to hell though and his obsession and self-humiliation at his actions involved with this are more identifiable with a Gryffindor. He literally went to hell and back to try and fix his mistakes. This was a close call though, like with Sara.


In a similar way to Ray Palmer, Martin Stein relies heavily on his intelligence and wit. He has always been a man of science and the flashbacks to earlier days showcase both his enthusiasm and obsession with the worlds of physics.

This has resulted in a breakdown of his relationship, as his interests in academic pursuits cost him his marriage ultimately. The bond he has with Jax is really special and certainly within the capabilities of a Ravenclaw, as it took some time for him to understand the young man.


Jefferson is brave, loyal, a little reckless sometimes but a hero through and through. His relationship with Martin Stein is incredibly interesting and while his abilities could put him in Ravenclaw we feel like he has just a few more Gryffindor traits.

The powerful and fiery nature of his character perfectly reflects both his personality and affiliation with the same house that Harry Potter is in. Jax has a lot of heart and sometimes follows it more than his head, which is what makes him one of the best Legends.


Zari is intelligent and strong but most of all she is loyal and kind. Her whole character is built around acceptance and she has learned to trust the other members of her team after coming from a future that is so prejudiced against her.

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She's built bonds with people like Charlie, who maybe she shouldn't have trusted to start with and is always looking for the good in people. She is perhaps the most compassionate member of the team and this behavior really starts to reflect on her companions as well.


Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Premiere Nate Heywood


Nate is also a bit of a nerd which is why him and Ray probably get on so well. Nate is really into his history and can often be found with his head in a book. He is less socially awkward than some of the other Ravenclaws, but the way the character is written supports this house choice.

The character often is not used in his super-powered role. In fact, he barely used his steel abilities in the last season and was part of the time Bureau instead. This is because his mind is a much more useful resource to have, with his historical knowledge and diplomatic ability surpassing brute strength.


Charlie the shapeshifter should have been put straight into hell like some of the other magical demons and creatures like the team were hunting. But, after she connected with Ray, she became a member of the Legends instead.

Her personality very much defines her as a Gryffindor. Much like Jax, she makes many emotional choices rather than stopping and thinking. She's really brave with the path she's created for herself but is flawed by her past and trust issues sometimes.


Rory is a former villain who has started to understand the meaning of being a Legend. He turned to some heroic ways after helping the Flash briefly but he can now officially be considered on the side of good, saving time itself over and over again.

It took him some time to really find friends amongst the other Legends, especially after his best friend, Captain Cold had sacrificed himself. He's always been brave, yet troubled and his selfishness has often cost him. Now he is on the right path, exhibiting Slytherin characteristics still.


Much like Zari, Mona really sees the good in every person or creature she comes across. Her role to take care of the magical creatures in the Time Bureau was very fitting of the character and indeed the Hufflepuff house in general.

Her work with these beasts is second to none and the relationship she struck with a werewolf shows just how compassionate she really is. It's a trait she's passed on to the other Legends who now accept her as a human and werewolf hybrid.

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