Legends of Tomorrow Producer Teases Camelot 3000 Episode

DC's Camelot 3000

The sci-fi-heavy premise of Legends of Tomorrow has allowed the producers of the Arrowverse to explore a number of the wilder storylines from the pages of DC Comics. They've already been to multiple futures, grappled with Vandal Savage and the Time Lords, and hit up a number of times and places in the past. They've been to all the classic locations, like feudal Japan, the Old West (twice!) and even popped into the Prehistoric for a moment at the beginning of this season to rescue the Atom from a rampaging T-rex. Now that this past week's Invasion! crossover has opened up the non-Supergirl portion of the Arrowverse to the idea of aliens, it looks like the people behind the sprawling DCTV universe on the CW are keen to keep the threat alive.

One of the most popular time travel trope locations the Legends have yet to visit is Camelot. While not based on real world history, DC Comics has long included the characters of Arthurian legend in their universe. Back in the 80s, the publisher even used these stories as the premise for their first maxi-series. Titled Camelot 3000, the story didn't focus on the traditional version of the medieval land. Instead, it detailed how the evil sorcerer Morgan le Fay caused an alien invasion in the distant future which saw Arthur, Merlin, and the Knights of the Roundtable transported to the year 3000 in order to stop her. We've speculated that the Marvel version of le Fay could soon face off against Doctor Strange in the sequel to his hit film. As a well-known literary character, however, DC has long used the ancient magic wielder to cause trouble for superheroes and knights alike. Considering its potential, the producers of Legends were unlikely to avoid Camelot 3000 for long.

Sure enough, Arrowverse producer Marc Guggenheim tweeted out the cover of the script for the twelfth episode of the current season of Legends. The title alludes to the infamous storyline.

Production on DC's Legends of Tomorrow Ep. 212 begins today. @antonionegret

— Marc Guggenheim (@mguggenheim) December 1, 2016

Though clearly referencing the 12 issue DC series, the slash in the title is the only indication that a spin might be put on the adaptation. Perhaps the heroes first visit the middle ages version of Camelot before Morgan le Fay transports them all to the future. Conversely, it could be her magic meddling that creates a time aberration that the Legends must try and stop. Given the breadth of the story in the comics, this could also be part one of a multi-episode arc. As aliens play a large part in the tale, it's hard to imagine the producers not pulling something similar to the recent crossover and stretching the story out over several episodes. They may even need to call in some friends to help them against both magic and monsters.

The introduction of magic itself, also opens to doors to reappearances by characters like Constantine into the Arrowverse. While Amaya uses a magic totem to gain her animal powers, she hasn't mentioned how much knowledge she has on the subject. Perhaps a classic DC character like Doctor Fate could show up, continuing the shows theme of highlighting Justice Society of America characters. It's likely that we'll get some more info and see some set photos as the premier of the episode approaches, so stay tuned.

Legends of Tomorrow continues Thursday, December 8 with ‘The Chicago Way’ at 8pm on The CW.

Source: Marc Guggenheim

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