Nickelodeon's Legends of the Hidden Temple to Become a TV Movie

Legends of the Hidden Temple TV movie in the works

Television and movies have been tapping into the nostalgia of fans from the 1980s, 1990s, and even 2000s for a couple years now. Netflix recently brought back beloved '80s/'90s sitcom Full House in the form of the sequel series, Fuller House and The Powerpuff Girls are receiving the rebooted treatment on Cartoon Network later in 2016.

Earlier this year, Nickelodeon tapped Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess to helm a live-action film reviving fan-favorite '90s animated series like Rugrats, Doug, and Ahhh! Real Monsters. Now, the network is bringing back their kid-geared reality competition series Legends of the Hidden Temple, but with a twist.

Variety is reporting the Network is planning a TV movie inspired by Legends of the Hidden Temple, borrowing staples from the beloved game show hosted by Kirk Fogg. Nickelodeon has cast Isabela Moner, who stars in the network's live-action series 100 Things to Do Before High School, to star in the movie, which is expected to premiere late in 2016. Read Variety's breakdown of the Legends of the Hidden Temple television movie:

In “Hidden Temple,” three siblings must conquer a series of obstacles to remain alive, mirroring the theme of the original game show. The TV movie, slated to appear in the fourth quarter of 2016, will nod to other elements from the original show, including Olmec, a talking head who knows the secrets behind the temple; the Steps of Knowledge, the entrance to the temple and launching pad for the mission; and cameos from a green monkey, red jaguar and silver snakes, among others.

Legends of the Hidden Temple originally ran on Nickelodeon for three seasons between 1993 and 1995. Beginning in 2015, Legends of the Hidden Temple reruns air as part of TeenNick's '90s programming block titled The Splat. The show featured a number of history-themed challenges overseen by the animatronic head of Olmec and competed in by pairs of two on teams like the Blue Barracudas, the Purple Parrots, and the Silver Snakes; the winning team attempted The Temple Run, which featured various obstacles in different rooms searching for a specific historical artifact.

Legends of the Hidden Temple Olmec

The popularity of Legends of the Hidden Temple among those that grew up watching Nickelodeon in the '90s is undeniable, despite the game show only running for three seasons. Certainly, with Nickelodeon's TV movie said to include references to elements of the original show like the teams, the Steps of Knowledge, and Olmec himself, there will be plenty in the new Legends of the Hidden Temple that will be recognizable to fans of the series' first incarnation.

That being said, between changing the format to a scripted TV movie and casting a network star, Nickelodeon's new TV movie seems to be plainly geared toward the network's current audience - which is to say, young viewers that may have never watched the original. If Nickelodeon is catering to its current audience, this new Legends of the Hidden Temple likely won't appeal to many fans of the original game show - unless those fans have children of their own that watch the network.

Still, choosing to re-imagine Legends of the Hidden Temple for a new generation opens the TV movie up to a wider audience. While Fuller House may have alienated viewers that hadn't seen Full House, shows tapping into '90s nostalgia but not relying on it - like Girl Meets World - arguably have a better chance of appealing to and developing new viewers. Even if that means disappointing fans of the original show, who likely aren't the intended audience to begin with.

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We'll keep you updated on the Legends of the Hidden Temple live-action TV movie as more information becomes available.

Source: Variety

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