Fairytale Superhero Movie 'Legends' On The Way

Legends the enchanted fairytale superhero movie

Heat Vision has the exclusive news that new movie called Legends is in the works - based on Nick Percival's upcoming graphic novel about fairytale characters re-imagined as superheroes.

Brian Grazer's Imagine Entertainment is developing the film along with Radical Pictures. The publishing branch of Radical will also be putting out the Legends: The Enchanted graphic novel later this month.

Legends focuses on such characters as Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Jack the Giant Killer and Goldilocks, re-invented as wolf hunters, psychic exterminators, detectives and mercenaries, respectively. As for story: Legends opens with the murder of Pinocchio, the latest victim in a series of fairytale creature murders. Red Hood and Jack team to find the killer, meeting all sorts of iconic fairytale heroes, villains and monsters along the way. The story has a Goth/Steampunk aesthetic and will get pretty dark at times.

Check out this trailer for the Legends graphic novel to get a better idea of what the movie would entail:


The movie currently has no writer, director or studio attached, but with Brian Grazer involved, and the graphic novel dropping soon, you can expect that to change quickly.

legends the enchanted red riding hood

Legends is yet another entry in the current trend of turning popular old-time characters and stories into modern movie blockbusters. Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland and Warner Bros.' Sherlock Holmes are directly responsible for the trend, with new versions of Sleeping Beauty (Maleficent), Jack the Giant Killer and Snow White also in the works. There are even multiple movie versions of the same old-time story being developed, including several takes on The Three Musketeers and a few new Wizard of Oz entries.

It seems this Hollywood trend is here to stay for the moment.

Personally, I find nothing wrong with taking old-time stories and making them into modern heroic adventure movies. Our friend Robert Sanchez over at IESB is taking a similar approach to Legends with his upcoming film, I, Frankenstein, only with classic movie monsters instead of fairytale characters. It's also what League of Extraordinary Gentlemen tried (and failed) to do with classic literary heroes.

Like any trend in Hollywood, there will be successes and there will be failures. Legends looks to be somewhat cool - that is if it doesn't go all Van Helsing on us (read: spoil a promising concept). We'll keep you updated about how the movie develops.

Source: Heat Vision

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