30Vacation (1983) – A Quest for Fun

Chevy Chase in Vacation

Whether you’re a parent or not, maybe you can empathize with the struggles that may come with a long family road trip. People get tired of being in the car, as their seat feels like mobile solitary confinement after a few hours, and crankiness is a natural reaction. The

parents may feel that way, but they must remain resolute and make sure their children, who have undoubtedly begun to fuss, stay quiet, and are aware of gradual progress. If you’re Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase), you do just a little more than that.

Between getting tagged by vandals, accidentally killing Cousin Eddie’s (Randy Quaid) dog, and losing all of their credit cards, the Griswolds have had a rough go of it trying to get to Wally World. When most of the family gives up on the journey, in spite of being so close, Clark does what most parents probably wish they could do at least once. Acting as the hapless family patriarch, he launches into an insanity driven declaration of intent to keep going. Even more than his words, his wife Ellen’s (Beverly D’Angelo) eyes tell the whole story.

Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross
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