Legendary Comics Releases Spectral: Ghosts of War

Spectral Ghosts of War

Netflix has put a lot of faith into its original programming, not only financing its own content but distributing smaller-scale indie films under its Netflix Original name. One of those films was last year’s Spectral, a military science fiction film that drew a lot of comparisons with video game series Gears of War. While Spectral was mostly well-received, some fans were left with more questions than answers at the film’s conclusion, especially in regards to the antagonistic “ghost” characters and their origins.

While there was certainly an argument to be made for a sequel that would hopefully flesh out some of the remaining mysteries left by Spectral, it appears that instead fans will be treated with a prequel in the form of Spectral: Ghosts of War.

Released by Legendary Comics, Spectral: Ghosts of War deals with events set before the main story of Spectral, centering on a group of school children who try and discover the truth surrounding the phantom attackers. It will also focus on a unit of soldiers attempting a rescue mission, not unlike the protagonists of the film. Spectral: Ghosts of War is written by Seamus Kevin Fahey and Sean Fahey, with artwork by Zid. A full synopsis for Spectral: Ghosts of War is available below:

“Delving deeper into the supernatural mysteries of the sci-fi action movie SPECTRAL, this official prequel graphic novel tells a new story of survival in the face of a weaponized force of phantoms known as ‘spectrals.’

When a war-torn city is overrun by a terrifying army of ghosts, a group of school-friends set out on a dangerous journey to uncover the truth behind their nightmares. Meanwhile, an advanced assault unit of near-future soldiers skirts the city’s shadows on a search and rescue mission, finding themselves thrown into explosive conflict with an impossible enemy that can only be seen with specialized goggles that enable the wearer to look death in the eye. Are these attackers the ghosts the children seek? Or something much more sinister?”

Spectral Comic Cover

Fans of Spectral and its unique premise should have an easy time devouring Spectral: Ghosts of War which, judging by the above synopsis, will not only provide details that were left unanswered in the film, but potentially introduce a new type of villain. Whether these ‘sinister’ others are different types of “ghosts,” or an entirely different force entirely is unknown.

It’s great that Legendary is attempting to add more context to the world of Spectral and perhaps Spectral: Ghosts of War can be the first step in launching a new science fiction series, be it in the form of comics or more films. If anything, though, it’ll hopefully fill in the narrative gaps left open by Spectral and provide more insight into what exactly the “spectral phantoms” are.

The Spectral: Ghosts of War prequel comic releases today.

Source: Legendary Comics

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