Legend of Zelda TV Show in Development With Adi Shankar in Talks to Produce

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A Legend of Zelda TV show is reportedly in development, with Adi Shankar in talks to produce. While Hollywood has long tried to adapt popular video games to the big screen for average, non-gamer audiences to experience, it’s an experiment that hasn’t really panned out. Most have been critically panned and rejected by both video game enthusiasts and general audiences alike. In fact, it was only last year with Netflix’s animated Castlevania animated show (which is also produced by Shankar) that an adaptation of a video game property broke a long-standing curse by being certified fresh on review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes.

This has caused many studios to rethink their strategy of trying to capture such massive video game worlds and stories and try to condense them into two hour feature films. Instead, many networks have started to greenlight both live-action and animated television shows based on video game properties, including Netflix’s own upcoming The Witcher live-action show (though, to be fair, that property is based on a book series, but is perhaps best known for the video game trilogy that’s sold over 25 million copies worldwide). Now, it looks as if Legend of Zelda is the next video game franchise to get the television show treatment.

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The Wrap reports that a TV show of Legend of Zelda is moving forward, with Shankar in talks to oversee the show. Other than the fact that it’s being made and that Shankar is probably involved, no other information is currently available. It’s not clear what network the show will air on or who will take up showrunner duties. Shankar also confirmed on his Instagram that he’s working to adapt an “iconic video game series into a series” for an unnamed Japanese company, which would presumably be Legend of Zelda.

This isn’t the first time that a Legend of Zelda show has been discussed, as Netflix once was rumored to be interested in developing a live-action show from the property, but that was way back in 2015. Considering Netflix’s recent obsession with creating video game shows (the streaming network is also developing a Diablo series), it’s easy to assume that Legend of Zelda would fit in perfectly on their programming list. However, again, it’s important to note that no network has formally been announced as of yet. It’s also unclear if Legend of Zleda will be live-action or animated, but considering Shankar’s involvement, the latter seems more likely as of now.

Either way, considering how hugely popular the Legend of Zelda video game franchise is (the franchise as a whole has sold over 92 million copies worldwide) it’s fitting that fans will finally get to see their beloved characters somewhere outside of video games. Whether the show is any good, however, obviously remains to be seen, but with Shankar’s involvement, there’s a good chance that Legend of Zelda gets the adaptation that it and, more importantly, its fans deserve.

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Source: The Wrap

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