Legends of Tomorrow ‘Land of the Lost’ Promo: The Waverider's in Trouble

Legends of Tomorrow Rip Hunter Arthur Darvill

[SPOILERS for those not caught up on Legends of Tomorrow ahead.]


It's been a busy year for Rip Hunter, former leader of the Legends on Legends of Tomorrow. After spreading his team throughout history, he sent himself to 1967 with a new personality, that of film student and drug user Phil Gasmer. What few memories he had of being Rip Hunter he thought were just figments of his imagination and in fact, he wrote them into a film script. As soon as he started to find out the truth, he was kidnapped and tortured by the Legion of Doom - who then altered his mind and made him Rip again, but evil and willing to murder his former friends.

In the most recent episode, 'Camelot/3000', Rip discovered that his new team is not as loyal as his previous one. Injured in battle, Rip begged Damian Darhk for help - but unfortunately for Rip, Darhk doesn't do rescues and abandoned Rip to the Legend's mercy. They were merciful, however, and Sara chose to capture Rip instead of killing him. As the last few moments of the episode demonstrated however, that may have been a mistake. Once left alone in his cell, Rip spoke to the ship's artificial consciousness Gideon, who refered to him per usual as "Captain".

In the trailer for next week's episode, 'Land of the Lost', it looks like Rip is taking control of his former ship once again. Gideon, who has been referring to Sara as Captain since she took over command, is helpless when Rip is onboard and must obey him once again. Even though the entire team is united against their former leader, it looks as though Rip will be turning the Waverider itself into a weapon. With their own ship working against them, it's possible that the Legends have never been in more danger.

Legends of Tomorrow Rip Hunter Arthur Darvill

Even though Jax has been learning how to fix and maintain the Waverider for a long time now, there is no one who knows the ship better than Rip does. In the 'Land of the Lost' promo, he escapes from his cell and gathers weapons very quickly, though that is hardly the worst of it. He also initiates the Waverider's self-destruct sequence, with will both impose a major time limit on the team and also possibly split them up as some try to stop the sequence and take control of Gideon, while the others fight.

There are a few shots indicating that some weapons, including Mick's heat gun, will be fired on the ship, so the likelihood that The Waverider will be damaged before the fight is over is a high one. And there is also the curious moment at the end of the trailer, where Sara seems to meet an evil version of her hero persona, White Canary. It looks like Sara will have to fight a version of herself in order to survive.

One interesting thing to note is that once he escapes and takes a weapon, Rip is mostly absent from the trailer. After all, there is no need for him to endanger himself by jumping into the fight when he can control Gideon and therefore the whole ship. It's also interesting that he did not take control when he was on the ship previously, in 'Turncoat'. Maybe he was waiting for a moment like this. Or maybe Darhk didn't abandon him at all, this could have been the Legion's plan all along.

The title of the episode is also worth noting. Land of the Lost was the name of a television series in the 1970s, which was remade as a new series in the early 90s and a movie in 2009. The plot is about modern people living among dinosaurs. There does not seem to be any dinosaurs in the episode however, there is no sign that the Legends ever leave The Waverider. So the title is probably an indication of either the ship being lost, or the characters feeling lost.

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Legends of Tomorrow returns with 'Land of the Lost' on Tuesday, February 28 at 9 pm on The CW.

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