Legend Of Korra Season 4 Finale Recap


Legend Of Korra season 4 brought the popular animated series to an end: here’s a recap of what happened in the show’s final episodes. Created by Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino, The Legend Of Korra aired on Nickelodeon between 2012 and 2014 and featured a talented voice cast that included Janet Varney (Stan Against Evil), Seychelle Gabriel, and David Faustino (DreamWorks Dragons). Set 70 years after the events in The Last Airbender, the show followed its teenage protagonist Korra – an Avatar and reincarnation of Airbender’s Aang – as she battles to keep the peace in Republic City, a sovereign state built in the wake of the Hundred Year War.

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In season 1 (Book One: Air), Korra honed her airbending abilities with the help of Aang’s son Tenzin and took on villain Amon, the leader of an anti-bender group called the Equalists. In Legend Of Korra’s second season, Book Two: Spirits, Korra came under the tutelage of her shady uncle Unalaq resulting in a civil war and a portal to the Spirit World being opened. Season 3 (Book Three: Change) was the show’s best yet and saw Korra come up against her most formidable foe to date – Zaheer, the leader of the anarchist group Red Lotus.

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The Legend Of Korra's fourth and final season Book Four: Balance is set three years later and sees Korra still weakened from her battle with Zaheer, traumatized by her past and doubting herself as the Avatar. She must get it together to face former ally Kuvira who is trying to establish a totalitarian Earth Empire. An initial confrontation between the two leaves Korra defeated though she finds unlikely help in the form of Zaheer who agrees to help her overcome her past trauma, including their own battle. Meanwhile, Kuvira has built a spirit energy super-cannon attached to a mecha suit she’s planning to use to attack Republic City.


Legend Of Korra's season 4 two-part finale ended the show on a high note. In “Day Of The Colossus”, Korra and Team Avatar have narrowly survived Kuvira’s attack and must come up with a plan to take down her practically invincible mecha. Hiroshi Sato – the estranged father of Korra’s love interest Asami – is freed from jail to help them defeat Kuvira and suggests destroying the mecha from the inside. Hiroshi bravely sacrifices himself so Team Avatar can gain access to the mecha, but not before he and Asami reconcile.

The Legend Of Korra's final episode “The Last Stand” focused on the showdown between Korra and Kuvira. After Team Avatar disables the mecha, Kuvira escapes into Republic City’s spirit wilds where she comes across her super-cannon. She tries to destroy Korra with the cannon, but it spins out of control and is about annihilate Kuvira just as Korra saves her. The resulting explosion of spirit energy causes a third portal to open up into the Spirit World where Korra convinces Kuvira to surrender. The episode – and the series – ends with Korra finally getting together with Asami and the couple decides to take a vacation in the Spirit World before walking hand-in-hand to the spirit portal while gazing lovingly at each other.

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