'The Legend of Korra': A Traitor in Our Midst

The Metal Clan comes under attack from Zaheer and his bandits in 'The Legend of Korra' season 3, episode 8: 'The Spirit Within.'

[This is a review of The Legend of Korra season 3, episode 8. There will be SPOILERS.]


The Legend of Korra continues to put its best foot forward with another stellar episode this week titled 'The Terror Within.' There's a mole in Suyin Beifong's majestic city. But who might the culprit be?

Korra has been pleasantly bolted at us at near warp speeds since season 3 began, firing off a minimum of two episodes each week after the spontaneous announcement that 'Book 3: Change' would be premiering ahead of schedule. For devoted fans of the series, this came as welcomed news - the more Korra we get the better, right?

For the most part that's true, but 'Traitor in Our Midst' is not only significant due to its superb writing and thrilling visuals, but it also marks what could be the last episode of this series we see on television. Nickelodeon has announced that the five remaining episodes from this season will air via digital distribution, using platforms such as Xbox, Hulu and Amazon.

So what does that mean for the viewer? Well, not much, as long as you have a solid internet connection and access to these streaming sites, you'll be able to enjoy the rest of this series just as you always have. Thankfully, with season 4 already underway with production, creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko have assured fans that the series is not canceled (phew).

Even with five episodes remaining, this season of Korra has arguably been its best, but with these "institutional rumblings" every week about pre-aired episodes, it's difficult for fans to rest easy when the fate of their favorite heroine is in question.

Fortunately, Korra had the help of the Metal Clan, led by Suyin and her family. And though the fight choreography is always top-notch, this week featured one of the better action set-pieces, as Zaheer and his gang attempt to kidnap Korra. Watching Lin fight alongside her sister was delightful. These two powerful women would make Toph proud (if that's possible) with their daring rescue of the Avatar from Zaheer's clutches.

Legend of Korra First 5 Minutes Released Team Avatar

'The Terror Within' also featured some excellent comedic moments provided by Bolin and Varrick. Bolin's failed attempts at becoming a metalbender and his awkwardness around Opal over the past few weeks have been fun to watch. Varrick is a different kind of crazy altogether, as the power-hungry businessman/inventor/guru you just can't get enough of. John Michael Higgins (Phineas and Ferb) does an outstanding job by giving voice to this interesting man of many talents who we will most assuredly see more of as the season pushes toward its two-part finale on August 22nd.

Shortly after Aiwei is revealed to be Zaheer's informer, the wise earthbender says, "You have no idea what's coming for you Avatar." Right there is the million dollar question we've all been asking. Who is coming for Korra and her friends?

While there is no denying Zaheer's skills and overall vengeful outlook when it comes to capturing the Avatar, it doesn't appear that he'll end up being the "big-bad" by the time we reach the end of this season. With that being said, who is pulling the strings? Is Zaheer the man in charge, or does he work for someone else?

These questions and more are sure to be answered in the weeks ahead, just don't look for any new episodes to pop up on your DVR. What did you like most about this week's episode, and where do you see Korra's journey taking her to next? Stay tuned to find out.

The Legend of Korra continues with 'The Stakeout' next Friday on various digital outlets.

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