Legally Blonde: Elle Wood's 10 Best Outfits, Ranked

Though dated, the fashion in Legally Blonde is truly next level. Join us as we rank ten of the greatest outfits that Elle Woods blessed us with.

Although Legally Blonde was released nearly two decades ago it still holds up as a timeless classic. One of the most notable elements of the film is Elle Woods' fashion, from her playboy bunny costume to her classic Barbie pink dress.

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Elle sure knows how to stand out from the rest of the crowd and she is not ashamed to be different. In fact, she embraces who she is throughout the movie and we can see this quite clearly with her style, which never changes for the sake of "fitting in". Her looks are so fantastic that they need to be honored. Here are 10 of her best looks from Legally Blonde, ranked!


Look at Bruiser in his little chained necklace! Elle loves to put thought into all of her daily ensembles because she believes what you wear determines a lot about who you are as a person.

Clearly, by her outfit (and Bruiser's), we can tell she is extremely bubbly and a friendly person to be around. While most of the Harvard students are seen throughout the film in dark faded colors of black and brown, Elle stands out by wearing colors that pop. Sure, she might get some funny looks around the Harvard quad, but our favorite Delta Nu sister would rather be laughed at for being her true authentic self than put on a stuffy front in order to fit in.


You can clearly tell that Elle Woods is a fruit loop in a bowl full of cheerios during her days spent as a grad student at Harvard Law. This means she is bursting with color and flavor while everyone around her follows more of a conformist visual attire.

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Her awesome olive-green coat stands out from the rest of the crowd and although others might turn up their nose at the sight, Elle dresses for herself and no one else. She doesn't even dress for her ex-boyfriend Warner, who she originally went to Harvard Law School in order to impress. We love that she chooses bold colors like the one above because she isn't afraid to make a statement with what she wears.


Clearly this West Coast girl is learning to adjust to the changing seasons of Boston and she is pulling off this New England look with finesse. We are obsessed with Elle's cozy look here (but we are even more obsessed with Bruiser's adorable outfit).

These two are fully embracing their move from Los Angeles to Massachusetts and they're both mastering the fall-look as well. Her outfit is extremely early-2000s to the point where it is practically comical and that seems to happen a lot in this particular movie which we can witness to an even greater extent in the next slide...


This look is so early 2000s it hurts. Although it is slightly out of style at this point in time, who doesn't admire a good throwback look? Going back to the era of faux-fur jackets, sequenced pink bikinis, and tinted colored sunglasses, it sort of makes us want to travel back in time to when we all thought owning a Tamagotchi was code for being a total BAMF.

It kind of looks like Elle got attacked by a Libby Lu but we can appreciate it now as a campy throwback look that is certainly brave to wear while on the Harvard campus- or anywhere for that matter.


Elle kind of looks like she should be attending Shiz University as opposed to Harvard in this awesome green ensemble, but we love the look none-the-less. Here we can see Elle incorporating her own unique sense of style with the more sophisticated Harvard look.

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It's still definitely true to Elle in the sense that it is boldly colorful and insanely stylish, but it certainly has a more conservative vibe to it as opposed to some of her other outfits. We are in love with this look, and the tie she's wearing underneath adds an element to the entire ensemble that we didn't know we needed. Plus, this outfit is pretty significant because it's what she wears when she meets her future husband!


In this look, Audrey Hepburn meets the characters on Law & Order and we are totally obsessed. This outfit is just bursting with sophistication and poise. Her look here proves that you can look attractive and elegant all at once and she is absolutely killing it here with her chin held up high. At this point in the film, Elle is starting to gain more confidence when it comes to her intellect and because of this, she stands taller than ever before.

What we love the most about this ensemble is that it is totally timeless. It is more on the simple side as opposed to the majority of her wardrobe, but sometimes simple is better than overly loud and sequenced... Sometimes.


They don't refer to her as "Malibu Barbie" for nothing. Everything about her look here is so classically Elle that we can't help but admire how true to her roots she is in this outfit. It just screams "Elle Woods" from the hot pink dress to the chained charm bracelet/necklace and even the fuzzy pink pen she's carrying- Because who says you can't take notes on the Miranda Rights in style?

Although everyone behind her is throwing her looks of superior disgust, (besides Luke Wilson who's just chilling), we all know they secretly admire her ability to be candid about who she really is.


Elle looks stunning here as she channels one of Jackie Kennedy's most iconic outfits. She is absolutely ready to take the New England lifestyle by storm- she's even got the snowglobe to prove it! This look is just filled with sophistication and admiration for the woman she is trying to become.

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In plenty of ways, Elle Woods is rather similar to Jackie Kennedy because they are both incredibly intelligent yet they are extremely fashionable and feminine at the same time. They both prove that just because someone is wildly stylish doesn't mean they are superficial or lack brains. Both Jackie and Elle are extremely intelligent and caring individuals who seek to better the world around them.


Elle looks radiant in this outfit while she is presenting her case. This is the scene where everyone looks at Elle and doubts her as a lawyer because of her feminine charm and pink getup. They come in with their preconceived notions and even Elle has her doubts about her capabilities but she ends up winning her case with proof that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Elle is the whole package: she's got beauty and she's got brains. But even more importantly, she is a kind and giving individual who makes the world a better place.


And for the grand finale of most iconic Elle Woods look, we had to go with her classic playboy bunny costume during the Halloween party mishap. As we all remember from this scene, Vivian lies to Elle about the Halloween party being a costume party, so of course she shows up in this getup.

Elle could be embarrassed by the fact that she is the only person who showed up in a costume but instead she chooses to take her hot look with stride. We don't blame her- she looks incredible! On the right, we can see Reese Witherspoon taking a trip down memory lane by going through all her old costumes from one of our favorite movies of all time.

What is your favorite Elle Woods look?

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