Legacies: 5 Vampire Diaries & Originals Characters That Should Return (& 5 Who Shouldn't)

Legacies could bring back any characters from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, but we have some strong opinions about who should return.

Between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, Julie Plec has introduced many characters into the universe that could make an appearance at the Salvatore Boarding School. Matt Donovan, Jeremy Gilbert, Josette, and Roman have already made appearances on Legacies. As often seen in its two previous shows, characters don't stay dead for long in Mystic Falls or New Orleans, and Legacies could be the next show to bring a beloved character back from the dead... or bring in any living one.

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It has been confirmed that Legacies will bring back Freya Mikaelson and Kai Parker in the second season. With so many characters and a known open-door policy, anyone could make an appearance. However, that doesn't mean that every character should be seen again. Here are five characters that shouldn't return, along with five that should.


Camille O'Connell was an essential part of Klaus' journey during The Originals. She was his therapist, love interest, and someone who could break through his thick head when it needed to be done. While Camille was an essential character during her time on the show, she died due to a hybrid werewolf bite, ending her life in the third season.

The Originals continued to have time jumps after her death, and as she did not have a close relationship with Hope, an appearance from her in any form would not make sense.


As powerful as Hope, Josie, and Lizzie are, primarily when they work as a team, they severely lack experience. While they have grown since the beginning of Legacies, they still have things left to learn.

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Having grown up in Mystic Falls, Bonnie knows the ins and outs of the town as well as the deep supernatural history that stems from it. While Alaric finds himself mostly relying on Hope or Dorian to help learn about each monster they encounter, Bonnie would be a helpful addition to researching and defeating the monsters. As well as finding a way to defeat Malivore


Turning into a vampire in 1864 was the beginning of the end for Stefan due to his ripper nature. Stefan could never be as dominant as he could become because of the effect human blood gave him. While he eventually found a balance in animal blood, Stefan had his moments of losing control when Damon tried to have him control his urges.

When the time came, Stefan died human as a sacrifice to save Mystic Falls from being devoured in Hell-Fire. Since characters in this universe have a habit of not remaining dead, coming back as a ghost is a possibility, but Stefan should be allowed to rest.


The youngest of the Original siblings, Rebekah, appeared on and off throughout The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Family was always valued to her as she often stuck close to her older brothers, Elijah and Klaus. However, her status as an original vampire also robbed her of her greatest desire to live a human life. She wanted the opportunity to have everything being immortal did not have to offer.

At the end of The Originals, Klaus tells Rebekah that she will have that chance in another sixty or so years once Damon Salvatore has grown old. In the meantime, Rebekah is still a vampire during Legacies and would be helpful in the quest to kill monsters.


No one can make an entrance like Katherine Pierce. While no one may be rooting for her successes, she was always a great addition to any storyline, pushing it forward, having the audience question her intentions behind every move she made. A survivor like no other, Katherine had tricked Damon and Stefan into thinking she was in a tomb since 1864 rather than on the run from Klaus.

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As much as it would be fun to watch Katherine shake things up on Legacies, central characters would be missing from her arrival. Other than Alaric Saltzman, Katherine has no connection to the rest of the Legacies cast, which would make her return anticlimactic.


As King of New Orleans, Marcel controlled what the vampires did under his rule. He ensured their safety against the werewolves and witches and had rules to allow for the protection of New Orleans' tourists. While in charge, Marcel's primary jurisdiction was not to mess with children. Any child had to remain safe and untouched by the vampires. Kids were always off-limits.

Marcel had a love-hate relationship with Klaus but always looked out for Hope. During The Originals, he took a serum that made him stronger, enhancing his abilities. Marcel became more than just the average vampire, giving him the capability to kill an original.


When Klaus first appeared on The Vampire Diaries, he was feared, known as someone no one had ever seen, a shadow that could come in and kill at any moment. After being traumatized by his father, Mikael, Klaus looked for refuge in his siblings and friends he considered family.

However, he was also very paranoid, which influenced his trust issues. Throughout The Originals, Klaus tried to be a worthy father to Hope, protecting her from those who would want to harm her. In the series finale, Klaus completes his redemption arc, ending his life for the sake of saving his daughter.


Kol's chaotic behavior rivaled Kalus' throughout The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Kol died multiple times within both shows and eventually found happiness with Davina. During the time the Mikaleson siblings had to stay apart when the Hollow lived within them, with Klaus avoiding Hope and Elijah's memory wiped, the series gave the impression that Kol was Hope's closest male relative.

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They video-chatted on occasion, and Kol tried to make Hope feel better about Klaus, telling her that if there was real trouble in New Orleans that Klaus would be there. While Kol does not have the best past, he did manage to have a good relationship with Hope.


Even though Elena was the main character of The Vampire Diaries for the first six seasons, she tended to stay on the sidelines of the action rather than joining in. Often, the rest of the cast of characters would step up to protect Elena from each season's villain so that she would not have to fight for herself. Stefan and Damon wanted to keep her safe and away from danger, and her desire to return to being human sent everyone to find the cure for vampirism.

Elena's growth was stunted by Kai Parker's curse that tied Elena and Bonnie's lives together, and she only woke up in the series finale. Due to that, following Elena's story forward into Legacies would not have given her much emotional attachment to the characters.


Of every character in the Vampire Diaries universe, Caroline has the most significant influence in each series. As a main character on The Vampire Diaries, she started off as a human and was later turned into a vampire by Katherine Pierce. The new direction changed Caroline into a different person as she became much more empathetic and kind-hearted than she had seemed human.

Caroline also had a significant impact on Klaus, often calling out his actions and not being afraid of him. He listened to her when he would not hear anyone else and trusted her judgment even if he did not agree. In Legacies, she is often referenced as being Josie and Lizzie's frequently traveling mother. Looking for a way to prevent the Gemini Coven merge, Caroline has yet to make an appearance at the Salvatore School.

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