Legacies: 5 Reasons Why Josie Will Survive the Gemini Merge (And 5 Reasons Why It Will Be Lizzie)

Season 1 of Legacies ended with the last twins of the Gemini Coven (Josie and Lizzie), finding out about The Merge. Despite how long Caroline (their mother) has been looking for a magical cure so that her children won't have to do it, and how much Alaric (their father) has hidden information about it from his daughters, the Merge seems inevitable. Jo (their briefly resurrected bio-mom) tells her daughters to fight for each other, to remember that she said that, and that they will understand it later.

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Later is now. In the Gemini Coven, when twins turn 22, they have to do the Merge. The twins fight, and the stronger twin both kills and absorbs the weaker one, becoming more powerful. We know from The Vampire Diaries that Lizzie and Josie have been extremely powerful from a very young age. We see some hints of this in Legacies, but not as much. Their powers seem the same; still one must win. Which of the two will merge triumphantly and why? We take a look.

10 Josie: Is In Control

Josie comes across as calm and collected. Her main strength is that she understands her power and can focus it at the right time. This control shows and hides the raw strength that she has under her calm.

Penelope, her former girlfriend, saw the potential in Josie and she saw the strength and the power. Josie's ability to control her magic is a big part of that.

9 Lizzie: Has Unbridled Crazy Power

Lizzie inherited a little bit of the Gemini crazy. When she has an episode, she explodes. This explosive energy is the opposite of Josie's control as it is impulsive. However, the impulsiveness works for Lizzie, and her power is off the charts.

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Still, she has worked to find a way to meditate through the crazy power, reducing the mania of her episodes. This attention to her unbridled power means that once she understands that power more, she could make it bloom more at her command, rather than being commanded by it.

8 Josie: Is Studious

Josie is willing to learn and improve. She's very studious, which is how she discovered the details about The Merge in the first place. These studies could help her to understand her Gemini history, learn of her advantages, and improve her skill.

While Lizzie is worrying about the new boy around the corner (who may or may not be dangerous), we could see Josie studying and practicing every detail of her craft to become better. Her ability to focus on these studies is strong.

7 Lizzie: Owns Her Feelings

Since Lizzie has had to work through her fears of becoming crazy or being broken and the aftermath of her magic outbursts, she has learned to own her feelings (for the most part). She is also blunt and honest.

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Additionally, she can be observant like she was when she hugged a fragile Hope (after Hope realized that she was wearing the dress her father once picked out for Caroline). She knew that a hug and a cry was what Hope needed, rather than an explosion of magic. While often self-centered, Lizzie still is insightful. She owns up to her faults and struggles. Understanding and owning her feelings puts Lizzie at an advantage. Owning her feelings also makes her more aware of others' feelings.

6 Josie: Is Recognized by Friends as Strong

Josie is strong and stable. Friends recognize her strength, especially her once-girlfriend, Penelope. Josie is counted on among her friends. She is the quiet but strong twin, the one more often in the background, but the one who supports everyone (especially her sister).

She has practiced in patience and supported more than her own weight; this will help her in The Merge.

5 Lizzie: Has a Secret Weapon, Kindness

Lizzie seems like the queen of mean. She reminds us of a young Caroline. However, like Caroline, Lizzie is also kind. Jo, the bio-mom, saw this when she tells Lizzie that, "You have a big heart. It's okay to let people see it." This is a big strength that Lizzie has.

This kindness could cause Lizzie to try to sacrifice herself for her sister, or it could cause her to fight harder in order to lead and save others. While a strength, we aren't sure which way it'll go.

4 Josie: Already Won One Magic Fight with Lizzie

In Season 1, Episode 15, Lizzie and Josie start to fight. At first, it's just words, and Lizzie does throw a couple of truth bombs: Josie likes letting Lizzie being the one that people hate, and Josie's scared to show and be herself. Josie lashes out at Lizzie, saying that she'll be back for when Lizzie begs her for forgiveness.

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Lizzie, angry, starts the fight, but Josie rises to the occasion. At first, their powers are equally matched, but then Josie wins, flinging Lizzie across the room. If this is an example of what may come, Josie may be the one to come out ahead.

3 Lizzie: Lives in the Present

Lizzie makes the decision to focus on the present. If this mode of being carries into when they are 22, her ability to be present in the fight could come out to her advantage.

By being present, she can fully engage her powers without being worried about the future (without her sister) or the past (her history with her sister). Instead, she can focus on the present and get the job done, even if it was a job that she'd rather not be doing.

2 Josie: Is Going Dark/Mean Girl

Season 1 hinted at a meanness that our resident nice girl has (and hides from others), and Season 2 shows it in action. Josie, now dating Landon (since he forgot Hope due to Malivore), magically attacks another young witch who has a crush on Landon. She actually gives the young witch a bloody nose. Rather than feeling bad about what she did, Josie smiles, satisfied.

Later, the new headmaster seeks her out to tell her that he noticed her spell. Rather than punishing her, he tells her that she is a very powerful witch. In that moment, it's clear to see that she feels valued. He then tells her that he's assembling a special class of offensive magic for advanced students and that she is his first recruit. Unfortunately, this praise from the headmaster could make Josie more malleable, as she often feels forgotten next to Lizzie.

If Josie learns offensive magic, and Lizzie doesn't, that could be the end of Lizzie. If Josie's mean girl ways are encouraged and cultivated by the head master, that could also be the end of Lizzie as well as the Josie we've grown to love.

1 Lizzie: Already Survived the Merge in an Alternative World

Lizzie encounters a genie in Season 1, Episode 10. She wishes herself in worlds where Hope has a limited or zero presence. In one of those worlds, she finds out that she killed Josie in an early Merge.  Obsessed with winning The Merge, Lizzie lost control and killed her sister.

While this happened in an alternate world, it could be a prophecy that Lizzie will survive The Merge. Although we'd say that physically she'd survive, emotionally she would be torn apart.

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