Leftovers Season 3 Final Trailer & Poster: Only Kevin Can Save Us

Premiering on HBO in 2014, The Leftovers has made the move to shake things up creatively with each new season. Season 1 was set in the formerly quiet town of Mapleton in upstate New York, three years after a mysterious event called the Sudden Departure abruptly saw 2 percent of the Earth's population vanish into thin air. While an ensemble drama, the primary focus of the plot was Sheriff Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux), a divorced father struggling to prevent his seeming mental collapse.

Season 2 flipped the script in a big way, transplanting the setting to the small Texas town of Jarden, which was nicknamed Miracle after it experienced no departures. Despite this change, the entire principal cast from season 1 returned, all eventually finding their way to Miracle for reasons of their own. Notable new characters were also introduced, many of which are set to travel along with the regular cast to the new season 3 location of Australia.

While the exact reasons behind Kevin, Nora, Matt, and the rest of the cast of Leftovers characters' decision to head down under remain unrevealed, one thing the new -- and final -- season 3 trailer presented above makes clear is that no matter where they go, they aren't likely to be safe from what's coming. A Noah's Ark-esque apocalyptic flood appears to be on the way, and as usual for the show, Kevin finds himself right in the middle of things, even though he doesn't want to be. Is Kevin the only person who can save the world from destruction? More than one person seems to think so. HBO has also released a new poster for season 3, which can be seen below.

The Leftovers has long thrived on being an unpredictable series, with season 2 really ramping the supernatural aspect of things up to a new level. This included having Kevin actually die and head to a very odd version of the afterlife, before subsequently being resurrected. Of course, this only furthered the Jesus parallels that preacher Matt has begun to see in his brother-in-law and long-time friend Kevin, as evidenced by the above trailer.

While prior interviews with Leftovers producers have said that a full explanation for what caused the possibly biblical events of the series is unlikely -- which isn't too surprising for a show with a theme song called Let the Mystery Be -- one thing that is known for sure is that season 3 will be the end of Kevin's journey, with HBO announcing last year that this will be the final season. Fans will no doubt be sad to see The Leftovers go, but at least it looks to be heading out in a blaze of glory. Or in this case, a wave.

The Leftovers season 3 premieres Sunday, April 16 on HBO.

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Source: HBO

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