Damon Lindelof's 'The Leftovers' Gets Full Series Order from HBO

Damon Lindelof's HBO show 'The Leftovers' has been picked up for a full season order. Will the 'Lost' co-creator deliver another hit?

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Say what you want about Damon Lindelof, but few people have had as much success in recent years. Not only did Lindelof contribute to two of the bigger hits of 2012 and 2013 (Prometheus and Star Trek Into Darkness), he also has another high-profile project in the works (Brad Bird's Tomorrowland).

Now, Lindelof can add another project to the "win" column: his TV series The Leftovers has been picked up for a full series order by HBO.

The Lost co-creator announced his return to television last year. Since then, the series, which is adapted from author Tom Perrotta's 2011 novel about life on earth after the rapture, has developed fairly quickly.

First, Peter Berg (Battleship) signed on to direct the pilot episode. Then Justin Theroux joined the show in the lead role. More recently, the show rounded out its supporting cast with Christopher Eccleston, Liv Tyler, Ann Dowd, and Amanda Warren. Today, HBO announced that it was picking up the series for a full 10-episode order.

Daamon Lindelof Apologizes To "Lost" Fans

Given his reputation for leaving audiences hanging with unanswered questions and unresolved plots, the news of Lindelof's return to TV will undoubtedly rub some people the wrong way. But his perceived weaknesses also reflect his greatest strengths. When it comes to keeping audiences engaged with an intriguing week-to-week mystery, there's few better.

It's too early to say what kind of show The Leftovers will be. If it follows the style of the book (which is reasonable to assume given that Tom Perrotta is a co-writer and executive producer), the focus will likely be more on subtle character drama: "What happens to a person when their entire family disappears into thin air one day?" That being said, the book can only fill out a few episodes before it runs out of plot, so don't be surprised if Lindelof also works in some mystery around the rapture itself.

In any case, it will be quite entertaining to see how the Internet reacts to another Damon Lindelof show and, perhaps more importantly, how Lindelof will react back. What do you think of The Leftovers? Will you be tuning into HBO to check it out?


The Leftovers currently does not have a premiere date, so stay tuned for Screen Rant for more information. Lindelof's next film, Tomorrowland, hits theaters on Dec. 12, 2014.

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