Left Alive Trailer: Square Enix Shows A War-Torn Future

Left Alive Mech

Left Alive, the upcoming survival shooter from Square Enix, has received a new trailer that both sheds more light on its three main characters, but also a look its city setting of Nova Slava. The game, which is set to release next year and set in the same universe as Square Enix property Front Mission, is made by a number of industry veterans, with credits for Armored Core, Ghost in the Shell, and Metal Gear Solid between them.

Left Alive was first revealed by Square Enix at a press conference ahead of Sony's Tokyo Game Show 2017. Initially slated for a 2018 release, Left Alive quickly shot up the list of most anticipated games for many Square Enix fans. After all, with a strong team behind it and an interesting blend of survival and action, it seemed like an exciting project to keep an eye on.

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Although Left Alive's release date was pushed back into the new year, with the launch date set for March 5, 2019, nonetheless those further reveals about the project have kept interest alive. Now, Square Enix has released another trailer for the game, with a more in depth look at what players can expect from the project. The trailer in question can be seen below.

As expected, this new trailer for Left Alive delivers plenty of information for those intrigued by the survival shooter. For starters, it gives a closer look at the characters of Mikhail, a Rutenian staff sergeant, Nova Slava police force member Olga, and Leonid, an ex-member of the NGFP liberation movement. Perhaps the star of the show, however, is the city of Nova Slava itself, and it seem as though that will play an integral role in how Left Alive functions.

So far, Left Alive is still building up to be a promising game from Square Enix. Its setting and the use of three characters could provide something fresh for players, and quite simply there's never a time where mechs are unwanted in the realm of video games. With those iconic design choices of Metal Gear Solid illustrator Yoji Shinkawa, Left Alive definitely has potential.

Of course, it's easy to be a little hesitant over a new game altogether, particularly given that Square Enix's recent past includes the extremely underwhelming The Quiet Man. However, it's always good to see major developers put effort into new things, and as such here's hoping that Left Alive lives up to both the quality of the development team behind it and its roots in the long-running Front Mission franchise.

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