Leaked Titans Image Reveals Robin Originally Became Nightwing in Season 1

A leaked image from the original season one finale of Titans shows fans DC originally planned for Nightwing to appear far sooner than he actually did.

Titans Leaked Season One Nightwing Finale

A leaked image from Titans original season one finale reveals Nightwing in his super suit, proving the character was supposed to be unveiled a long time ago. Viewers have only just now been introduced to Nightwing in the Titans Season 2 finale, meaning fans who have been eagerly awaiting his arrival will now have to wait even longer to see what happens to the hotly-anticipated character when Titans third season finally arrives.

Although Dick Grayson's transformation into Nightwing has been teased since the very beginning of Titans, it wasn't until the recent Season 2 finale the hero finally appeared and did battle with the show's longtime villain Deathstroke. Sporting an outfit which looked ripped straight from the pages of a DC comic book and equipped with his iconic escrima staves complete with built-in tasers, Nightwing's appearance in Titans is something viewers have been anticipating for longer than they had originally thought they would, culminating in frustration after one of Grayson's cellmates in his South American prison told him the legend of a hero who "lives between the moon and the stars, and in the time of greatest need he flies down and saves you."

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Now, fans have even more proof one of the reasons it felt like Nightwing has been teased by Titans for so long is that the show originally planned to reveal him much earlier, namely at the end of the show's first season. A leaked image posted to Facebook shows the original Titans season one heroes all standing together facing something off-screen, complete with Dick Grayson in all his Nightwing glory. This shot (pictured above) of the fully-assembled Titans team also features Starfire's costume and the original (pre-season one finale re-shoot) version of Raven's forehead jewel.


Even casual fans of Titans know the show's original season one finale was ditched by DC, causing the previous episode to instead become the finale and the planned finale itself to be re-cut and re-shot so it could become the Titans season two premiere. This left something of a disconnect between the two seasons, and as the show went on Titans continued to retcon a number of plot points, many of them related to Dick Grayson's character and past.

Now that season two of Titans is over and fans have been assured of a third coming eventually, it will be interesting to see how DC deals with all of the mixed expectations stemming from the show's first two batches of episodes. Many fans feel as if Titans has been spinning its wheels as of late, and many more surely would have liked to see Dick Grayson fully embody the Nightwing role long before now. While viewers don't yet know what plans the show's creators have for the cast of Titans, one thing which is certain is the show needs a definitive, overarching vision if it's going to survive much longer.

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