Mark Duplass Open To 'Another Season Or Movie' Of The League

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Actor and filmmaker Mark Duplass revealed that he is open to more seasons of the FXX series The League. He even stated he's interested in a potential movie based on the show.

Capitalizing on the popularity of fantasy football, the FXX series (though formerly FX series) The League from Jeff and Jackie Schaffer centered around a competitive group of friends in Chicago, Illinois who competed in a fantasy football league of their very own. Starring Duplass, as well as Stephen Rannazzisi, Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer, Jon Lajoie, and Katie Aselton, The League was a popular, semi-improvisational comedy series that ran seven seasons until its cancellation in 2015. However, despite there being no official talks of a series revival, Duplass has stated that he is open to bringing the show back, either as a series or a movie.

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After tweeting a photo of himself and the rest of The League's main cast, IndieWire reached out to Duplass and asked whether or not the photo was teasing a possible return of the series. Duplass stated that the cast reunion had nothing to do with a revival, and took place simply on account of their frequent get-togethers. He explained that he and the cast are very close and "get together three or four times a year." That said, he added that he'd be happy to return to the show if the opportunity arose, assuming there was necessary funding involved. He said:

“It was our first big job and we really were a family, the six of us that were there. And so we just get together and hang out, and that said, if someone came to us and said, ‘Here’s a dump truck of money to go make another season or movie,’ I’m sure we’d have a lot of takers.”

Though Duplass has crafted a career out of acting, he's also written, directed, and produced several movies and television shows with his brother Jay (namely Jeff, Who Lives at Home with Jason Segel and two HBO series Togetherness and Room 104). And even though he's opted to take a short break from acting in order to focus the bulk of his attention on producing, as well as his family, he'd be willing to put his hiatus on hold for the sake of a series comeback.

While the ship may have sailed on The League, the concept of reviving a canceled series isn't completely far-fetched. Shows like Full HouseWill and Grace, Arrested Development, and Roseanne were brought back for additional seasons long after they had been taken off the air. And while successes aren't guaranteed (the Dallas revival only lasted two seasons, while 24: Legacy only lasted a single season), networks are clearly willing to take chances on dated properties. Given the short time lapse since the show's last season, as well as the general interest in breathing new life into canceled shows, now might be the best time to give The League a second chance.

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Source: IndieWire

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